Friday, January 11, 2008

That extra push

Such a big part of training is the discipline and commitment to push yourself to do things you don't "feel like" doing. Getting to the pool on a Friday night is one of those challenges. I am lucky that even when my discipline and commitment are weak, I have D to give me that extra push to get there. Tonight I just wanted to burrow into the couch and rest after a long week. But we had a swim to do, and D kicked my butt out the door to just get er done.

After a nice warm up in the hot tub, we hit the pool and as soon as I started I began to feel better and better. I did 1500m continuous and took a short break, then another 1000 and instead of calling it a night, I decided to swim out the hour and completed 3000m in just under 60mins.

Once again, D was right, I felt much better after we finished and still got some couch time once we got home. I also spent some time working on my new business logo. This is fun stuff and I am almost 100% happy with it. Once I am I will post it for feedback.

Tomorrow is our 2nd last x-c race, looking forward to a run in the balmy January weather we are having!

Training for the day: Swim 3000m 60mins

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