Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of the year, last race of the year!

Tonight we did the Resolution Run 8km race. We have had such a stellar year that it was our way to celebrate our commitment, achievements and hard work. We both had great runs- D had his much deserved first win of the year!! He won by a very safe margin, with the next placed person 2 minutes behind! I came in 6th and was the 2nd woman across the line. I had a strong run- not strong enough to catch the little speed bunny that finished ahead of me, but I felt good about my race. I finished in 34:18. It must be all the cross country efforts that helped us on this one!
Tonight we brought home sushi takeout, and celebrated our year together. It was the perfect New Years eve for me, with my favorite person on the planet. I am very satisfied with the year that has drawn to a close, and am very excited for the year upcoming!

Training for the day: Run 34:18, 8km

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Swim and Spin

Had a great day, that despite including 2 workouts, felt lazy.
We woke up and went for a morning swim, I was not feeling super in the pool, but mixed in some drills to my swimming and managed 2500m. Then we had a great lunch and came home for an awesome nap. I love naps. When we woke up we headed to the basement for a spin while watching our best Christmas present EVER- the entire collection of IM world championship DVDs. Todays ride featured the 1991 edition with Mark Allen and Greg Welch battling it out in the lava fields. One thing I do notice is how little they focus on the women's race. Other than Paula Newby Fraser, Wendy Ingram and Erin Baker, you would think that it was an all male race. Thankfully, things have progressed over the last decade or so. It will be a cool trip through the years over the next few months of trainer rides. With 18 DVDs to get through, we will be well entertained.

Training for the day: Swim 2500m 55mins
Bike 60mins
Stretch and core

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Today D and I headed out to Banff to do a trail run. We were planning on meeting up with the trailtrash group, but we must have missed their departure, so we did our own run through the golf course. An hour was enough for me with the rough footing and biting cold conditions. We then defrosted in the people soup of Sulphur Mtn hot springs and had a great lunch at Earls. It was a fantastic day all around. I was taking it all in, knowing that it will be one of the last opportunities to drive 90mins and be in the Rockies.

Training for the Day: Run 60mins

Friday, December 28, 2007

Biking my ass off

After a week of slacking off and eating too much it was time to pay the piper with today's long spin. D and I were both suffering after an hour, and if he hadn't been there I definitely would have quit after 90mins. My legs were screaming and I just wanted to stop, but pressed on and kept them spinning for the full 2 hrs.
It really makes me wonder if taking time off is worth the suffering involved with getting back into it!

Tomorrow we are off to Banff for a trail run with the Trailtrash group. Hopefully the legs are not too juiced and I don't get left behind for bear food!

Training for the day: Bike 2hrs

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home For the Holidays

D and I really enjoyed our quiet time on the farm. We ate lots, moved a little and loved it.
As for training, we did manage to get on the treadmill once and out on the skis once. The rest of the time we took it easy. It was great to be home with my family and the Christmas holiday was awesome.

That being said, it was good to get home. We were both starting to feel pretty fat and lazy and were ready to get back to our regular routine.

After over 9hrs in the car, we got home and were quick to get on the bikes and get the legs going. I swear, my body forgot how to bike. It was tough to get started but it felt good once we got into it. Having the 2003 tour on the TV helped, that is one my favorite races to watch. We got an hour in and felt better for it.

Today we hit the pool, for me it has been a long time since I was in the water! I was really happy to swim, and although I didn't feel super fast, I managed to get in 2800m in 55mins.

I am working on my race schedule and goals for the year. I have them pretty much outlined in my mind, but need to get them in print and put the plan on always makes it more real.

Training for the Day: Swim 2800m 55 mins
December 26th: Bike 60 mins
December 24th: X-C Ski 60 mins
December 23rd: Run 50 mins

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last ride on the TCR pain train of 07

Tonight was our last bike class of the year and we finished it off with typical TCR style.
After a warm up we fired up the train with 5x 30 sec at 120% Threshold. Ouch.
Then it was on to a 9.7km TT. I managed to squeak in under 19 mins even though it was a hard push.
We 'cooled down' with 6x 30 sec one leg drills.
All in all a great workout to head into holidays with!
I picked up our x-c skis today and we are looking forward to bumbling through some great xc workouts on the farm!

We are ready to head out first thing in the am. First stop North Battleford to see my grandparents and then home to the farm.
I am so ready for some time out of the city with D and my family.

Training for the day: Bike: 90mins

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spin and a Party

Quick spin tonight before the PB xmas party. D and I had a great night, the party was packed and it was good to see so many friends from the past and present.
One day until we hit the road, tomorrow I will get my xmas shopping done, pack and we have our last TCR class of the year...busy day!

Training for the day: Bike 60mins

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Tuesday, another run

the countdown is definitely on, I am READY for holidays!!!!!

Training for the Day: Run 57mins

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend, lots of training to balance out the christmas cheer!

Saturday was the 5th race of the x-country series. Those races are always a sufferfest, and this one was no different. The weather was decent, no need for face masks at least. The trails weren't too bad either, hard packed and even clear in some sections with only a few slippery patches that the spikes took care of. I was a bit concerned during my pre race warm up when I felt a cramp coming on, I thought it was going to be a bad race. But as it turned out I had a very decent run and finished well. I finally passed and held off Sandy swift foot, but I was running scared pretty much the whole race. Shari Boyle was there, so my chances of winning my AG were out, but I did manage a second place thanks to Lindsay McLaren sitting it out :-).
D had a great race as well, finishing 3rd after Luke Way and Trev Williams. We have one more race in Jan and one in Feb. Then we move so it will be our last chance to solidify our placing in the grande prix.

Saturday night we went out to the best Christmas party of the season- there was a sushi chef and a chocolate fountain...nuff said. The company was great too and we ended up staying until 11:30. That is late for us! Sunday morning I woke up feeling hung over, even though I only had a 1/2 a glass of wine..? After a slow start to the day we descended to the basement to burn off the christmas cheer! We were treated to some new DVDs that D ordered and watched the tour from 1989 when Greg Lamond won a close battle. After that we watched the 2003 tour that saw Lance Armstrong benefit from the bad fortune of Ulrich who crashed in the final TT. It was good to have some inspiring viewing, cause I was feeling really flat from start to finish. It was a battle of mental will to keep my legs spinning for the entire 2.5hrs. We did it though.

Next, it was off to celebrate an early xmas with D's family. We had a great night with them, and we are really going to miss our regular Sunday dinners with them. Jake was especially entertaining, he is growing into such a cute little man!

Today is now Monday, and we had best intentions to get in the pool, but when we got to MRC ready to swim, we discovered the pool was closed! So we came home and got on the bikes for 60min blast.

Only 2 work days left until holidays...I am soooo ready for a respite on the farm!

Training for the weekend: Sat- Run 8km x-c (?time, results not up yet)
Sunday: Bike 2.5hrs
Monday: Bike 60mins

Friday, December 14, 2007

Spin and a Rock Concert

Came home early and got a good ride in, before heading out for the event of the (my) BON JOVI LIVE!
Since I was 10 years old, I have been a HUGE fan. For my 10th birthday, ALL I wanted was the Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet tape. I got it and spent the entire night doing air bands with my friends...I was always Jon ;-)
In 20 years, not a lot has changed, really- tapes are CDs and mp3s, we all use less hairspray, and I am still pretending I am JBJ. Ha.
It was an awesome concert. Two and a half hours of my favorite band serenading me. I contributed by giving every bit of energy I could to the cause. As a finely tuned Ironman athlete, I like to think I have a lot of endurance. But after jumping, screaming and fist pounding for 2 and a half hours (in heels) I was effectively spent. What a great time. The BEST time.
Even D had a blast. He is now a converted JBJ fan. He is also the first guy I have dated that isn't jealous of my JBJ infatuation. He gets it :-)
Check out this set list...


Training for the day: Bike 1 hr
Rockin out 150mins

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Run

Had a short run between work and a course I was attending tonight. Did my favorite 11km loop, I kept it an easy tempo run tonight as I was feeling less than peppy.

Training for the day: Run 54mins

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Monday

Short blast on the bike tonight- thanks to D for inspiring me to get my butt on the bike, it was just what I needed.

Training for the day: Bike 60mins

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Long Run and a Party

This morning I was up at 7am- which never happens on a weekend, unless there is a race. But this morning we were off to an early morning Christmas party that started with a run. Gotta love nutbar athletes.
We met at Frank and Keri's at 8:15 and by 8:30 we were off into the crisp, snowy winter wonderland. D and I ran together which is very unusual, and was a nice treat. We did 90mins total and then we had a fantastic potluck brunch and sock exchange back at the house.
It was a great time and we were home by noon!

We spent the afternoon with D's family, playing with baby Jake who is really starting to grow and develop! He is so cute- like a little old man with his bald head and chubby cheeks. He is infatuated with D- he stares, coos and giggles at him whenever he is in the vicinity.

Had a relaxing evening at home together, had some wine and chilled on the couch admiring our Christmas tree. We both have very busy weeks ahead, so we savored every last drop of the weekend time!

Training for the day: Run 90mins

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturdays are for Spinning...

Had a great zone 2 spin with D today. After all the high intensity stuff we have been doing it felt like a piece of cake to ride 2 hrs at 150-158HR.

The rest of the day we spent doing errands- which in Calgary on a Saturday means sitting in the car in traffic, standing waiting in line, or sitting waiting for
I am looking forward to a move to a city of 50K. Hopefully things will be different!

Training for the day: Bike 2hrs

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More power intervals...!?

Well after two nights of intervals (bike, run) we were treated to yet another go at them. This time TCR style...
After an all to brief warm up it was on to 10x60secs at 110% threshold. That is 200-210 for me. Ouch. They seemed to get exponentially more difficult and by the last 2 the minute break between wasn't enough to get my HR under 170...eeeps. But that wasn't it, next it was on to a 4.5km TT at threshold. By this point my legs were pretty trashed but I pushed with all I had and came in under 6:30. My HR peaked at 183 which is higher than I have ever seen on the bike.
This might seem like odd IM training, but as Cory explains, building power through the winter sets you up well so that come spring/ summer you just have to focus on endurance. It is backwards from what I have done in the past, but this is what D did last year and he had his best year yet. As for me, I am definitely getting stronger and faster, and while 170+ is a high HR even for me, I am really quite comfortable in the 165-170 zone. Most people top out there, but not me...
My resting HR has come down to 48-52 which is very low for me. I have always been 65-70 and just attributed it to my "smaller heart". It means that my heart is becoming stronger and more efficient. It also means that there is more time between beats and every time I stand up I nearly lost consciousness because the blood getting to my brain is slower than gravity. D tells me to enjoy the rush...ha.

I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. My legs are completely done.

Training for the day: Bike 75mins

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Going Nowhere...FAST!

I appeased my inner wimp tonight and took the run workout the treadmill at the gym.
Had a great run with some fast intervals. The best thing about treadmill running is that it is the only time I get to run side by side with D. :-)

Training for the day: Run 65mins

Ride On

Decent effort in the bike tonight. 10mins w/u 4x 5min LT 5min recovery keeping RPM>95 10min c/d
Had good power tonight, got the HR up probably higher than it should be, but the discomfort felt good.

Training for the day: Bike 60mins

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Just like the title of the movie, today was about overcoming. Overcoming myself that is. After a long day, I left work at 6pm. It was cold, dark and I was tired. The last thing I felt like doing was taking my clothes off and jumping in water...brrrrr. But I wanted to get a swim in so I pushed through the mental block that wanted to go home and curl up on the couch and made it to the pool.
My prime motivation for getting there- the hot tub- was closed, and the pool was packed with only 2 lanes open for swimming and the rest filled with synchro girls. But I was there, I had my suit on and there was no turning back. I jumped in and started swimming. It turned out to be a great swim, I felt strong and the time flew by. I managed 2km in 44mins including breaks, so a good session.

Character building- that is training through the winter in Canada :-)

Training for the day: Swim 2000m

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Spin

Today my lower legs/ankle are really stiff, but I knew getting on the bike would help. We were lazy until 10 and then saddled up for a spin session. Watched "Overcoming" a documentary about team CSC in the TDF. It was great and I felt really good on the bike, although my power was not there. Spun well for 90mins and called it a day.

We then were off to our first Xmas party of the season at Celine and James' place. It was a fantastic time, the house was full of runners, cyclists and triathletes, so we had great conversation and a ton of fun. I love the season!

Training for the day: Bike 90min

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cross Country- Coooold but fun!

Today's X-C race was out in Okotoks. The temp was a balmy -20 and colder with the wind chill. We were hoping that we would be the only ones to show up and win by default! No such luck. The think about these s-c runners is that they are competitive, consistent and hardy! It was a good turnout and all the usual suspects were there. The trail was a 2 loop, with nice wide sections and comparably smaller hills. But the footing was really tough. There was about a foot of loose, grainy snow and it was too cold for it to be packed- just chopped up by the feet ahead. It was like running in ankle deep, loose sand...Except slippery! I had shorty spikes on that really didn't do much to help, and the lack of support in them combined with the terrain resulted in some really sore ankles/shins/calves. I was having a great race until the end of the first loop when I developed a stitch and had to slow down. I was passed by 7 people including Sandy swift feet. I recovered but was unable to bridge the gap back up to Sandy and missed out on 3rd woman by less than a minute. I did manage 3rd in my AG, as did D who was also 3rd overall not counting the mystery ghost runner who had everyone asking- who the heck was that guy? It turned out to be Luke Way.

The soup and treats were worth the pain and suffering and we had a nice visit with everyone before heading back to the city.

We ran errands most of the day and got our tree! It is beautiful and makes out home so festive!

Training for the day- 8km trail race

On an unrelated note, we skipped the Friday swim last night to have a celebratory sushi feast. I made my FINAL student loan payment and am now Student Loan FREE!!! 6 years of education, 6 years to pay it off. Like a huge weight has been lifted!