Monday, March 31, 2008

Recovery Spin

Just an easy 60min to flush out the legs, which are still a bit sore from yesterday's efforts. Felt great on the bike...gotta love when biking feels better than walking. I was really busy today getting final details handled so the website can go up.
It is officially live, check it out at

TFTD Bike 60min

Sunday, March 30, 2008


The only title I could come up with for today's run was an F-bomb...but since I don't say that word anymore (small ears around and all) I replaced it :-)
Today was our longest run on the schedule before Boston. I had 36km to complete and D was aiming for 40 (cause he is fast, and a nutbar).
It was chilly today, but at least there was no snow (unlike you lucky Calgary folks). We bundled up and headed out. I knew after 20mins that it was going to be a tough run, my quads felt like I'd come off a tough bike ride and my legs were sore. It is no wonder really, I came into the run with 9hrs of swim, bike, run in the past week. No sense dwelling though, I could chalk this one up to a serious character building session and remember that in Ironman my legs are going to be tired too.
I ran the first 12km in 1hr 03, the second 12km in 1hr 03 (consistent!). At 30km the wheels started to come off and at 33km I fell off the rails altogether. I felt bonky and my legs were trashed. I stopped for a few seconds, regrouped and was able to pull it together enough to finish up the last 3km. I was happy overall with my pace, and I know that with fresh legs I have the fitness to run my goal time in Boston. I also feel confident that I can do much better in the IM run this year. Of course the heat will play into things, but if I had continued on at the same pace I would have finished the 42km in 3:45. That would be a great IM run.
Anyway, lots of time between now and then, for now it is time to recover and dive into yet another week of training :-)
I need to find a massage therapist here, a good one who wants to trade massage for personal training would be awesome.

TFTD: Run 36km 3hrs12mins

(oh yeah and my nutbar did his 40km in 2hrs55...)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yearning for Spring...

As much as I try not to complain about the weather, and resist what is.... I am really ready to get outside. I am feeling like I've reached my limit of riding the trainer. We have every dvd memorized, we've seen the tour de france vids so many times I can quote the commentary and we are running out of action movies to watch.
At least today was a 'short' ride- just 2hrs of light spinning, we need to keep the legs fresh (somewhat at least) for tomorrow's long run. I hope it warms up a bit, it has been really cold here with the arctic winds a blowin. At least we didn't get any snow..knock on wood.
We did another little drive today to check out some other training areas. There is a giant ass hill coming out of the river valley just outside of town. It is a climb that rivals Powderface in steepness. It should be a gooder for training.
I also got a new swimsuit today...a one piece for the first time. I love it, it is hot and I think I will be faster (haha).

TFTD: Bike 2hrs

Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Yay!

I am looking forward to the weekend. We have our longest run this weekend before Boston, and our regular basement sweat session of course. I am also looking forward to relaxing w D- the best part of the weekends!

Today was a short and sweet session in the pool. I had to make up for mission my swim Tuesday, but I had a headache getting into the pool and it seemed to get worse as I swam. I pulled the plug after 2500m. It took the whole day and 4 tylenol x/s to get rid of the darn thing...

TFTD: Swim 2500m 53mins

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The difference a day makes

Well my mojo was only on a short vacation- thankfully. This morning I woke up back to normal. Training was great today, I got to the pool at the right time for lane swimming (yay), and since I only had one hour I decided to do a continuous swim. So I just swam for an hour, no breaks, no time checks. I wish there hadn't been walls to break my flow- a swimming track would be nice!
I did exactly 3000m in 59:59. So I am slow, but my endurance is great, I could have swam all day.

Next it was into the gym to have some fun with the treadmill. I wanted to push some higher intensity and do some strength work. This is what it looked like:

10min w/u 2%grade 6.5mph
5mins at same speed, but increased incline
1 min at 5.0%
1min at 6.0%
1min at 7.0%
1min at 8.0%
1min at 9.0%
5min 2% 6.5mph recovery
1min at 6.0%
1min at 7.0%
1min at 8.0%
1min at 9.0%
1min at 10.0%
5min 2% 6.5
then kept it at 1.5% and increased speed
1min at 7.5mph
1min at 8.0mph
1min at 8.5mph
1min at 9.0mph
30 sec at 9.5mph
30 sec at 10.0mph
10min cd 2.0% 6.5mph

It was awesome.

TFTD Swim 60min 3000m
Run 45mins

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What it Takes...

Today I had to search really really hard and deep for some motivation. In fact I searched and searched and no matter what I came up with I still didn't feel like training. But I did it anyway. Training is like life, sometimes you have to do things whether you feel like it or not. I think tough training days are good life training days.
Once I managed to get my arse on the bike I felt pretty good. I watched the DVD "What it takes" to remind myself :-)
I did 90mins with some harder gear low cadence strength work. I have not been doing much "gym" strength training but my legs responded pretty well. My only issue was a giant knot in my left upper trapezius muscle that was giving me grief on the ride.
I was ready to go on a short T run, had all my gear on and was about to walk out the door when D came in from his run and said it was really windy and cold. Nuff said for me, I was hot and sweaty and I know how cold the wind here is. I called it a day and although I didn't get the entire scheduled workout in, I was satisfied.

I have been working hard on my website and promotional materials. The site will be live Monday, come hell or high water.
Free classes start April 8th and registered sessions April 28th, after we are back from Boston.... I am pumped.

TFTD: Bike 90mins

We won the cups!

The Calgary Road Runner awards dinner was this past weekend and Alan was kind enough to accept our awards on our behalf.
D won 3rd in the Male 30-39 division and I got 2nd in the Female 30-39 division behind Sheri Boyle.
I wanted this cup!! We also got enlarged photos from races. Mine is a bonus because it is Alan and I jumping the creek at the confed relay.
Thanks Alan!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Legs are on Fire!

After babysitting the girls this morning, I was beat. But I was determined to get to the pool- despite my inner mind chanting "I don't want to swim, I don't want to swim"- I changed, showered (including the hair just like the sign requests) stepped out on deck and realized... it is spring break. The pool was full. There were no lanes- there was a rope and kids swinging from it. I was not at the pool, I was at the zoo. I was not impressed, because despite the resistance I had in getting there- I was there...and wet.
So... I headed home and got on the bike. Lucky for me, D was home and he joined me for 60mins of CTS Time Trial special, Power intervals and steady state intervals. D cranked my resistance, and although I was working hard, I did not realize how hard I was pushing my quads until I got off. Well, until I climbed the stairs. Whoooeeee. My legs are on fire. Get me some water...and a cane.

I am feeling better now, legs are juiced, but at least I feel like I got a good training session in.

TFTD Bike 60mins

Monday, March 24, 2008

Running in a Hurricane

Windy run today. Really windy. At times I actually felt like I was on a treadmill. I am lucky I didn't end up in Oz.
The wind here comes straight from the North Pole. It isn't warm. Despite my whining here, I actually enjoyed most of the run, and kept telling myself it was making me stronger.

TFTD: Run 20km 1hr50mins

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Hoppy Easter!

The weekend plans were shifted for me when I woke up Friday am with signals from my body that I needed a rest day. So I took one. It was a good choice, I knew I was walking a fine line with my health and I feel like I nipped it in the bud.

Saturday I was feeling better, but stuck with the 1hr e-z spin that was scheduled for Friday. Other than the spin we had a pretty relaxing day, again. We really took advantage of the downtime and spent lots of time just chilling together and enjoying one another.

Today I did my 2hr spin, felt really good keeping it easy. I watched "the Incredibles" since D was out on his run and I felt like having a good laugh.

This afternoon we went for a long drive, checking out some of the surrounding areas for potential cycling routes. We found some great routes and I am really excited to get out on the road. The weather isn't there yet though, and as if to put the stamp on that, a little blizzard blew through about 20mins ago and left the ground white again.

A couple more weeks and we'll be out there, just need to keep sweating it out in the basement a little longer...

Saturday: Bike 60mins
Sunday: Bike 120mins

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work to do...

Today I hit the pool with the upcoming race season on my mind, 5 weeks until the UofA Tri and I am starting to get itchy!
Thinking of the race gave me the hint that I should start to work some more speed in the pool. I generally get in and swim 2500-3500m at a moderate effort...period. Which I think is great for building endurance. But with some shorter races on the schedule early this year I need to get comfortable pushing a bit harder if I have a chance in hell of placing..there is only so much you can make up on a bike and run in a short race.
So I did 500m mod, then 1500m working some speed 25m hard, 25m easy, 50 hard, 25 easy, and then 75 hard, 25 easy. After 2k I was feeling good and decided to do a timed 1000m to see where I was starting from, I need a baseline to improve from. I snuck a look at my watch after 500m and it said 9:37...ugh I have work to do. After 1000m it was 19:16. So the verdict is- I am faster than I used to be...but still slow. I have work to do in the pool over the coming weeks. I have confidence that I can take some more time off that. I am just starting to get to the pool consistently 2x/ week. Consistency has always been the key for me, but in the past if I was going to blow any workout off, it was a swim. No more. :-)
I did another 300m cool down to finish up. It felt good to work up a flush faced, heavy breathing effort in the pool.

Next up was an easy run. Heading out I was not feeling it. My legs were heavy and my head and throat felt a bit congested. I accounted it to the effort in the pool, but told myself if I was still not feeling it after 10mins I would call it a day. My body came aroung though, so I carried on and had a really decent run. The pathways were wet, but not as icey. I would much rather have a wet foot than a fall on the ice.
I finished up at the 50min mark. Solid day.

D came home this afternoon from his road trip and did a spin. He tried to convince me to join him for his 90min session but I used the excuse that I needed to cook dinner. Speaking of, I thoroughly impressed myself with the sesame crusted seared ahi tuna I whipped up. It was deee-lish.

TFTD: Swim 3300m 57mins
Run: 10km 50mins

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Brick Day

Today I was pumped for my first official brick workout of the season :-) I don't do bricks in the winter, without a treadmill I think they do more harm than good. Getting hot and sweaty and then going out into cold weather is a disaster for the immune system in my opinion. I haven't had a cold, flu or other fill blown illness in over 2 years so something I am doing (or not doing) is working.

The workout today kicked ass, my body felt strong and on fire. Even though it is a bit of a recovery week volume wise, I am still pushing some intensity. I did a 90min ride and pushed some bigger resistance, allowing my cadence to drop to 93-95rpm. My legs felt really strong and I was able to stay focused the entire 90mins, spending most of the time in aero pedaling nice and smooth.

After the bike effort I was prepared to hurt on the run. Surprisingly, other than a bit of tightness in my calves I felt great right out the door. I hammered the run, and although I didn't have any technology to tell me heart rate, speed or distance, my internal measures had me high zone 4 and I know from past runs I covered about 6.5km.

The biggest and most pleasant surprise was that I finished feeling like I could go again. Well, physically I could have repeated the workout, mentally it would have been a tough one.

I am stoked to get outside and ride to see what I can do on the road. I need to be really strong on the bike this year to reach the goals I have set for myself. I also know that I am not a swimmer, and I will have to work hard to be anywhere near my competition coming out of the water.

That is one reason I love watching the Kona DVDs from the late 90's when Lori Bowden was placing top 3. She was always started the bike with a ridiculous deficit but managed to hammer through the bike and then run them down. She also has a really messy running stride that looks a lot like mine :-) and just goes to show that you don't have to run pretty to run FAST!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is decent on the weekend and we can get out and explore our new world!

TFTD: Bike 90mins
Run 30mins

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recovery Week

I'll dial it back this week a bit, mostly the run, to allow the training the last couple weeks to be absorbed and recover for next week's big volume week. I am feeling really good about Boston, my training has been consistent and strong, and my body has been responding really really well. In the past a 60+km week of running would take a toll, I'd be sore and probably icing something. So far I have had no issues springing up and have recovered well from all the long runs. My massage therapist had a large role in keeping me balanced, and I am really hoping to find someone up here that is at least almost as good.

For the second time in a week I did the run prior to the swim and I really feel a difference! It really makes the swim more challenging, and I am not sure of the exact physiology behind it, but I really feel the burn in my arms. Perhaps the blood has been in the legs during the run and takes more time to get redistributed back up to the upper body?
I am glad the swim is first in IM. I would definitely drown if I had to swim 3.8km after a 180km run and a marathon.

Had a great evening with Sarah and the girls. My bro and D are both out of town working so it was a girls night and we hung out and had dinner together.

TFTD: Run 51mins 8.8km
Swim 51 mins 2500m

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Done and Done!

It was a tough run for many reasons, but I did what needed to be done and completed it. 32.37km in 3hrs10mins. The footing was tough, the weather was cold and I was carrying at least 20lbs of emotional baggage, but I did it. 

Congrats to Ironhallsy on breaking the 1hr mark in her 10km run today! Pushing through the tough days is what makes us stronger- here is to a day of strength training! 

And kudos to my man D who hammered through 40km in 30mins on slippery terrain and cold winds. You inspire me babe!

TFTD Run 3hrs10mins 30.37km

Winter Wonderland

Well it is sunday morning and instead of being out on our 32km run, we are hanging out in the house, waiting for things to warm up! It is -20 out there right now, but the weather network assures us it is to warm up to at least -10 this afternoon. So we are waiting...
At least the sun is out, and the pathways should be more run-able today with the snow accumulation providing some traction over the ice! 

Friday night we did what was to be a 60min recovery spin- just a light spin of the legs to prepare for the weekend. I was already tired when I got on the bike- I spent 3hrs cleaning this beast of a house and felt like I'd done a day of bootcamp :-) I knew right away that something wasn't quite right on the bike, I drank a full bottle in less than a half hour, and then was nauseous. My back was aching and I literally felt like curling up in the fetal position right next to my bike and sleeping. 
At 50mins in I decided it was counterproductive to continue- I could have gutted through the last 10mins, but recovery rides aren't intended to be gutted through.

It was the right choice because Saturday morning I felt my energy back and was able to have a solid 2 hr ride.
We rented "Gladiator" and although I generally don't like violent movies, there is something about hand to hand/ sword combat that is ok- it is really just the bombing/ shooting/ exploding violence that gets to me. 
I did a 10min warmup followed by 10min/5 min steady state intervals. The 10mins was at low zone 3 and the 5mins mid zone 2. I kept the cadence over 100rpm the entire time, and stayed in aero for the 10min work intervals. The first hour was great, I was sweating up a storm, but my legs were fine- it was definitely more of a cardio effort than strength, but more than anything required serious focus to keep the cadence up and remain smooth. At the 90min mark it became a real effort to keep the legs turning smoothly. I held on and finished the last 10mins as cool down. It was a solid ride, and I felt really good getting off the bike. 

Today I will know how well I did at conserving the strength of my legs, as I will be running at least 3hrs10mins, probably closer to 3:15...I hope it warms up!

Friday TFTD: Bike 50mins
Saturday: Bike 2hrs

Friday, March 14, 2008

Running Adventures in GP

So, before you read this, bear in mind that I have been living in Northern Alberta coming up 3 weeks. I haven't made any friends yet and I spent a LOT of time alone. When you spend a lot of time alone, you begin to come up with strange ideas to keep yourself amused. This is the result of my attempt at amusement during my run yesterday...(Alan I know you will be able to appreciate this hehe)

Run with ME!

Today I am heading out to do a 90min run. I decided to bring along the camera to take pictures of where I am and you can have a virtual run with me.

This is me, ready to run. I am channeling Natasha in the this picture. Natasha is D's 12yr old niece. She is 12 going on 22 and makes this face in all of her 900 facebook self portraits :-)

This is the road up from our house that leads to Crystal Lake. The "Lake" is more of a bird sanctuary...which really means a big birdy toilet. No swimming in this lake.

This is another shot of the lake, and a shot of the path that goes around the perimeter. It is about a 5km loop, but after a few hundred metres of slipping and sliding on the ice, I decided to get back on the road.

A closed road is a great find 
up here! Freedom from cars and the terrain is more runable than the path right now. I ran into a bit of mud, but not too bad.

The closed road eventually ran out and I ran through a new community to another highway, which led me to a secondary road that I was able to follow for quite a while. It doesn't take long to get "away from it all" up here. 

As you can see by the pictures, I am already out in the country. The smell of horse poop in the air was not all that unpleasant for some reason...could be my country roots? 

I reached the end of the secondary road and made my turnaround. I was now going into a bit of a headwind and things got a little chilly. 

Here I am running back towards the city- the black building in the distance is GP's one and only "skyscraper". That is the term that people here sarcastically use to refer to it. It is at the heart of virtually all the directions I have

Once I got back to the city I decided to take a different route and ended up getting "lost" in a maze of suburbia like neighborhoods. I didn't have my bearings and ended up running the wrong direction and having to loop back. It felt like I was running uphill most of the time.

Finally I reached the sign that marks our community "Crystal Lake Estates". I could have turned right here and been home sooner, but I turned left and took the long way...because I knew that route better.

I was happy to get home. 19km and 1hr42 later I was spent. Time to rehydrate and hurry off to the pool!

I actually made it to the pool with only 
30mins left for lane swimming. I put in my 30mins and was actually relieved to get booted out- I was spent!

I stuck around to watch Maesa in her last swimming lesson, and it made my day when she spotted me and got really excited and said to the teacher "there's my Auntie Amber, she came to watch me! There she is, that's my Auntie Amber!!"

Hope you enjoyed the run with me!

TFTD Run 19km 1hr42
Swim 1500m 30mins

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inspiration, motivation..whatever it takes.

Triathlon really is a mental game first, and a physical game second. And you only really get to play the physical game if you win the mental game.
Over time I have learned strategies and tricks to overcome the voices in my head (the ones that tell me the couch is more comfortable than the bike seat- choose it!, and the ones that tell me to take it easy, go light, slow down no one is here to notice).
I remember when I started running in 2003- I would come home from working a 12 hr shift at the hospital- exhausted, legs aching, wanting nothing more than to put my feet up and zone out. But instead I would take off my scrubs and put on my running clothes. Even as the voices said- it is too late, too dark, you are too tired, you still have 2 more shifts to go and need your rest, we can skip the run tonight- I was lacing up my shoes and heading out the door.
It never took more than 10 minutes for the voices to cease and a sense of calm, peace and joy to take over. Not only from the physical act of increasing blood flow and oxygen to my brain and other body tissues, but from the mental appreciation of having overcome the path of least resistance to make the right choice for me and stick with it.
I always, ALWAYS, felt better after the run. And I am quite sure it is a large part of what kept me sane as a nurse. It is still a large part of what keeps me sane today :-)

Yesterday was one of those days where I actually was craving a bike ride. I have been spending a lot of time at my desk working on my business and I just wanted to move! Once I got on the bike and warmed up I knew it would not be an easy ride. My legs were feeling the LT run I did on Tuesday and it took serious focus to keep the spin up without dropping the resistance. But I did it- even though I was alone and no one would have known if I'd shifted to an easy gear and coasted for 90mins.
No one but me. The only person I have to live with 24/7. The only person who knows heart and soul how dedicated I am to my goals for the season, and my overriding goal to continue to push myself to realize my true potential.

So instead I increased the resistance on the trainer, shifted to a tougher gear, and pushed through the mental and physical battles to complete what I set out to do. And I know that these workouts are building what I need to get me to my goals, period. Which makes the suffering all worthwhile :-)

TFTD Bike 90mins

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Triday

Today was a great day, it started out with an unpleasant email, but rather than letting it get me down, I used it to fuel my workout :-)

I went to the pool to try the noon swim and was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was, I had a lane to myself the entire hour!
I hammered out 3K in just under an hour. 3x 1000 with the middle set using paddles and a pull boy. My form is so much better that way, I did the 1K in just over 18mins.

Once out of the pool it was into the gym for a run. I opted for the treadmill today because I wanted a nice, fast run and I knew with the rain last night the roads and trails would be ridiculous.
I did a warm up and picked up the pace to 8.0mph where I sat. I did the first 6miles in 38mins and then slowed it down to 7.5 and finished at 50mins and just over 7 miles.

Then, just to say I did all three, I hit a spin bike for a 10min flush out cool down. Good day's work if I do say so myself.

Speaking of work, my business cards are done. And they are sweeeeet. I will post as soon as I have the final jpg.

I had an hour of Gigi time this afternoon while Measa was at swimming. We had fun as usual, but she hit her face on the coffee table and had a nice little gash to go home with. She barely cried, but I was a mess....ugh.

D came home this afternoon and we had a great home cooked dinner and watched a movie snuggled on the big comfy couch.

Life is Good.

TFTD Swim 60mins 3000m
Run: 50mins 7.6 miles
Bike 10mins

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Slip and Slide

Today's run would have been faster with spikes, or ice skates for that matter. The warm temps of the last few days combined with the colder temps at night have turned any somewhat low lying or shaded areas into skating rinks! The trails around here are as slick as snot on a doorknob (thanks to Shannon's Aunt for that one :-))
After a solid training week, my legs were a bit tired starting the run, but actually once I got going I felt great. I covered all of the trails in the park and found some sweet x-country trails further out. It was dodgy with the ice and my road shoes, but I managed to stay vertical. It definitely slowed me down though, I was literally tiptoeing over the icy sections, and there were many to cross.
But miles are miles...and kilometeres are kilometers. I managed 24.51 (why not 25? I ran out of road and had enough) in 2hrs 22mins. Slower than I would like to be, but all things considered a great training run.

I met another runner near the end of my run who ran with me for a while. He told me about the running crew up here, who would be good for me to run with and when they meet. People here are really welcoming, I think it helps that alot of them are transplants themselves. He and his wife moved here from Calgary 14years ago. He said a lot has changed over 14 years, most for the better. It was great to have some company for the last of my run and I am hoping to reconnect with him and the other people he mentioned. It would be great to make some friends up here that I could train with!

Looking forward to a productive week, my goal is to complete my website and get a solid marketing plan together that I can begin to roll out over the next couple weeks. Thankfully all I need to focus on this week is training and my business- no more unpacking!!

D heads out in the am for High Level for a couple days so I will once again be on my own. I will get used to this... luckily I have lots to keep me occupied and family just up the street when I want company.

In the wise words of my good friend Alan, "when you are feeling down, spend time with your neices, their laughter will wash away any sorrow."

True dat.

TFTD Run 2hrs 22mins 24.5km

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Successful Saturday Spin

D came home this afternoon, and it is great to have him home. We picked up a movie for our spin today. We decided on "Bourne Ultimatum" which we have seen and knew would be good. It was great. The action in that movie is non stop. I was able to channel my inner D and keep my cadence up over 100rpm for the entire 2hrs. The last 30mins were tough, but I know that those last tough minutes are "money in the bank".
Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful one and we are looking forward to getting out for our long run. I want to get in 25km, which if all goes well should be just over 2hrs.
We may even brave the morning crowds at the pool for a swim.

Off to bed, we lose an hour tonight- don't forget to change the clocks!

TFTD: Bike 2hrs

Back in the Groove

Well I am finally finished unpacking everything...can you say hallelujah? I am so done with moving. D and I agreed that even if we don't like it here we are not least until we forget about how tough this was. :-)
Anywho, I feel like my mojo has finally found me up here in GP. Thursday I got to the pool for a great swim. My shoulders were a bit tight starting out (likely a combination of the move and lack of swimming this past week) but after about 500m all things clicked and I felt great. The pool was relatively quiet. I got in at 8am and only shared with one other person who was out in about 1/2 hr. I then had the whole lane to myself. I think that most people go from 6-7:30 to get it in before work. Lucky for me I don't have a job...ha.
After my swim I headed out for a run. The pathway system is only a block from the pool so I decided to check it out. It is fanstastic. I have to say, for such a small centre, they did some things really right. This is one of them. The path follows the ravine and is a nice undulating run that with my random detours took 90 mins to run. Without getting off track it would have probably been an hour, but I was out there for the adventure.
The trail was snowed over in most places, which made it more challenging. I am definitely building more strength in the legs running here- nothing is smooth!
The scenery was spectacular- like a winter wonderland- the trail is surrounded by trees and feels as though it is a million miles from anywhere. So quiet that all I could hear was the crunching of snow beneath my feet. I didn't bring an ipod and really enjoyed the serenity of it.
I did wish I had my camera to catch some of the beauty. The snow was sparkling with millions of colors and the trees were all draped with snow like thick icing.
The only tough part was that I had eaten breakfast at 6am, swam an hour and by the time I finished my sun it was almost 11am! I kept telling my body to tap into the fat LOL. It must have worked because I made it through feeling fine.
I wish I'd had a garmin to measure distance, but next time.
The rest of Thursday was unpacking and cleaning. I also babysat Gianna (aka Gi Gi, aka Giggles) for a bit in the afternoon while Maesa had her swimming lesson.
On my first night alone I was too exhausted to be weirded out. I crashed at 9:30 and slept until 8:00!
Friday morning I was babysitting the girls until just after lunch and then came home to continue the work. I managed to haul a ton of the cardboard out of the garage (which was beginning to resemble a landfill) and clean up a lot. Now I just need a truck to haul the rest away (hopefully my brother will help me *hint hint*).
I finally finished unpacking around 7 and rewarded myself with power intervals on the bike. Good times. I felt fantastic riding though and was able to push the big gears in my sets.
After the ride I popped in a Core/Pilates DVD that I had picked up at superstore over xmas for 4 bucks. I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with the quality! I did a challenging 30min core workout to finish out the day.
Last night was another good sleep and toady I am looking forward to D coming home and doing our long spin together. He leaves again tomorrow, so we will try to get in some quality training and resting time together before he goes.

Thursday Training: Swim 50mins 2600m
Run 90min

Friday: Bike 60mins
Core: 30mins

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easing In

The last couple of days in have been coo coo busy. Still working hard to get all things unpacked, settled and assembled. The super-desk is now complete, I just need to unpack the office stuff and the house is pretty much done. yay.
D and I had our first evening "off" last night and cuddled on our huge couch and watched a movie. It was spectacular- just the sitting, cuddling and relaxing.
Training is going ok, nothing spectacular the last couple days, but maintenance is ok right now. Did an hour run on Tuesday in the deep snowy trails around here. Found a good hour loop on some closed roads that was nice and quiet. D made it down to Muskopeki park to the trails there and said it was fantastic. I am going to check it out later today myself.
Last night we did an hour on the bikes, I had a bit more gusto and was able to push the HR a bit.
This morning I was up at 5:30 to see D off on his first of many road trips :-( He is off to do the southern leg of his territories which will take him as far down as Jasper. Then he is back Saturday for the day and off again Sunday to head north as far as High Level. Lots of miles....even more kilometers ;-) It is going to be strange in this big house without him. Luckily I have family just around the block and will be babysitting the girls Friday.
I also have tons of work to do, which will keep me more than busy enough. I need to get things rolling with my business and get some keynotes scheduled. I think this will be one of my best advertising routes.
I also need to get to work on my website. I have a landing page up and should have a decent start on the rest by the end of next week.

Now I am off to the pool to the Grande Prairie Rec Centre see just how busy the pool really is in the morning. D went yesterday am and said it was a zoo from 6:30 to 7:30. I am hoping it will be a bit quieter from 7:30 to 8:30. We shall see...

Training Tuesday: Run 60mins
Wednesday: Bike 60mins

Monday, March 3, 2008 life

It has been a week...
Training- wise the weekend was a complete write off..unless you count hours of moving, unpacking, cleaning, assembling and shopping as training. We were both exhausted and have both been fighting something so time "off" was probably for the best.

We are almost settled up here. We have a beautiful home. Unbelievable really. We danced in our ginormous dining room our first night here (after the celebratory wine of course), both of us still marvelling at the idea this this is OUR home. And this town isn't too bad. It is not what you would call a destination city, but people come here generally with one purpose- make money. So it is more of a transitory city. There is every store and service you could need (other than a tri specific shop, but there is a HUGE sporting goods store) and so far the biggest difference other than the environment, is that people here are nicer than they are in Calgary. Really, I forgot what it was like to be in a smaller centre- people say hi and random strangers strike up conversations in the grocery store. The other big difference is in the age of people who work in the service and retail industries. We were out shopping on the weekend and it was like being in kid nation. The sales clerks were all prepubescent I swear. By the end of the day I just wanted to talk to a grown up...please?

Speaking of kids, the two kids I am happy to be seeing more of are my nieces. Tomorrow morning I am babysitting them, should be fun :-)

It has been a lot of work, but life is starting to return to something that resembles normal (except completely different :-) )
Normal is a bike ride tonight and a home cooked meal. Not so normal is sitting in said ginormous dining room at our itty bitty kitchen table with no window coverings in the dining or living rooms. And no TV or radio. We are both feeling a bit cut off from the world- but getting the internet connected today has helped.

Tonight D is building my huge desk and tomorrow the couch should arrive. Hopefully all of the boxes will be unpacked by this time tomorrow night.

TFTD: Bike 60mins