Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hard Race + Tough Spin= Character Building?

Our 5th C-X race of the series was today- Nose Creek. It was a great day to run, the weather was fantastic and the trail conditions were almost perfect. These races are never easy, even though this one was measured about a km short- it is still full out effort the entire race. I finally wore my HR monitor, just to see what my effort was- ave HR was 174 with 204bpm peak! That is why I am so bagged after those races!
Instead of coming home and flopping down on the couch, we came home and jumped on the bikes for a 90min spin. It was tough tough tough. My legs burned right off the go and never really stopped burning. It was a very challenging ride, just pushing through the fatigue of the legs, the residual burning in the lungs, and the depleted state of my entire body.
This is what I will look back on when I am feeling rough in a race. This is like money in the bank!

After our efforts we decided movie night was in order, and had a great night cuddling on the couch and just relaxing.

Training for the day: Nose Hill x-c 34:22 7ish KM
Bike 90min

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