Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The last couple days have been jam packed with last minute errands and visits to people that I won't have access to for a while. Like my dentist. I have always had a big dentist aversion and pretty much once I became an adult and had a choice I stopped going. Until I went from being an "adult" to a "grown up" and realized that actions have consequences, and that unless I wanted to have dentures before I was 30 I needed to suck it up and see a dentist. Luckily I met a good friend who is a dentist and he has helped me get over my aversion. The last few years I have been a faithful regular, getting the necessary scraping, drilling and cleaning to keep my choppers healthy. Yesterday I had my last visit before leaving and asked Dr. Gene to please find anything that may be and issue in the forseeable future and and fix it now. In fact, could he just fill all of my teeth so I don't have to worry about it? No. Ok. But he did do 3 small surface fillings that would normally not need attention but could progress. This guy is so good he didn't even use anesthetic! I had a cleaning scheduled for later in the afternoon, so in the meantime I had an appointment for my jeep to get its fillings (rock chips fixed). I also got down to southcentre and had lunch with D, which is the first time I have visited him at his new/ soon to be old office.
Between sitting in the dentist chair, and sitting in my car, I was beat. Beat from sitting. I got home, had dinner with D an promptly fell asleep on the couch for an hour. I felt better when I woke up at least but still didn't get any packing done.

Tuesday was another busy running around day and I spent 3 hrs with my graphic designer/ genius friend Ang who helped me create my logo for my business. I am pumped, it looks great and I have been able to get some stuff off to the web designer to begin creating my site. I have limited time over the next few days, but once I get up to GP I will be able to roll right into work.

Today I officially have 24hrs to get everything packed. I have one appt with my accountant this morning and my last exam for CFP tonight, but in between (with the help of D) should be able to get everything done. But I'd best get off the computer.

Tuesday Training: Swim 3000m 1hr
Full body strength w/o: 30mins

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Review

This was our last weekend in Calgary, we had a great race, some fun training with a good friend, and I was able to get my CPR re-certified before moving to a world where everything is a bit less readily available..

Friday I was feeling rough after 2 sleepless nights. I literally tossed and turned all night Wednesday and Thursday I was fully awake until almost 6am. I have no idea why...could be the stress of moving, even though I don't feel stressed. Regardless, by Friday I was a walking zombie, and decided that training would do more harm than good, so it became a rest day.

Saturday was our last cross country race. I had yet another restless night and woke up still feeling tired, but there was no way I was missing my 6th race (need to run 6 to be in the series competition) so I put my tough girl face on and off we went.
I felt pretty blech and was thinking I would just take it easy, but once the race started my body seemed to take over. I started off a bit slow, and was not as near to the front as usual. As I picked up the pace I began passing people and was continuing to push the pace. I passed about 10 people and bridged the gap up to another group where I just wanted to hang on. I eventually caught up to Alan and was determined to finish right behind him (since he made the comment about looking over his shoulder for me). I had some guy breathing down my neck for the last 2 kms but I kept pushing so that he couldn't get between Alan and I.
I finished well, just under 32mins and 3rd woman behind two very strong female runners. I managed 2nd in my age group which means I will probably get 2nd place in the series. I am stoked to get my very own winner's mug haha!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early (8am is early on a Sunday) for our spin. I finally had a good night's sleep THANK GOD, and felt better, but still not 100%. Alan came over to join us for our last Sunday basement spin,and brought the 2004 TDF for our entertainment. He also took a video of the mind numbing excitement and posted it to people don't think we are weird enough, wait until they see how we spend our Sunday mornings haha.

I was feeling pretty rough for the first 45mins of the ride, but things started to come around for the second half. I only rode 90mins, I know my body is not 100% and I am going to need to be firing on all cylinders this week with packing and moving.

After a great lunch with Alan and D I jetted up North to do my CPR recert. After 15years of taking/ teaching CPR, it is a bit repetitive, but the instructor was great, and Clinton and Allyson were both also in the class which made things more fun.

I now just have my practical exam to do on Wed and all my requirements will be met for my Can Fit Pro Certification.
Things are coming together with my business planning and I am really looking forward to getting up there and getting to work!

Tonight we spent the evening hanging out with D's parents, the girls and baby Jake. He is growing so much and I had him giggling like a tickle me elmo doll. We played until he was tired and he took a nap in my arms. I soaked up every minute, I know that the next time we see him he will be walking!

I am sad for all we are leaving behind in Calgary, but also excited to what we are moving towards. We have a new home, new careers, and all kinds of new adventures to be had. I am also excited for the time I will have with my nieces and my brother and sister in law.

I am just happy that this week will be busy, and hopefully I can put off the breakdown/meltdown bawl fest until I am alone in my car driving north...

TFTW: Saturday X-C Race (7km) 31:59
Sunday: Bike 90mins

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Solo Sufferfest

Tonight's TCR bike class was a doozy. D has been run down and not feeling well this week so he begrudgingly opted out of tonight's bike class. It is probably a good thing because it was a tough effort and he would have gone full out as he always does.

The workout tonight was a 3km w/u, followed by some one legged drills. And then the fun really began.... it was a 13km course of ups and downs, some ups as steep as 9%. It felt like a really hard effort, and I was having a hard time maintaining my watts. Could just be feeling the effects of a solid training week. After that hard push it was time to climb again...what? Aren't we done? Nope. Next up was a 5km course, the first km was flat and slightly down. The next 4km were a gradual grinding climb. Good times.
Hopefully the rest is all D needs to get back to 100%. We have a super busy week coming up! And training without him is not nearly as fun ;-) Pain shared is so much more satisfying....

I am spent and ready for some sleep.

TFTD: Bike 80mins

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello SUN!!

Ahhh, it is soooo beautiful out there! I just returned from a glorious run in the sun. I love spring. The sun is out in all her glory, everything is melting and I saw the first hints of buds on some of the trees!
What a treat, being able to get out at lunch for a run...I love being unemployed! But I must get my face back in the books, I have my certification exam tonight and I am hoping to ace it.

TFTD: Run 71mins 13.2km

Update....I passed part one of the exam- YAY

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday D!!!!

D turned 35 today, and if you are an athlete you know what that means....a new age group!! Ha. It is still an uber competitive AG for him, but gauging on his recent results he is going to blow those old men out of the field. It is nice to be at the young end of the age group spectrum :-)

Up for today was a swim and bike. We did a nice lunch at Inspiring Grounds and bumped into Jill and Katie. It was good to see them before we go. We then headed over to the pool for a dip. I felt good and did an easy 2500m in 50mins. D was not feeling up to par today so he called it a day a bit earlier.

We both rode at home for an hour. I did a pyramid set of increasing gears every 5 mins up to 30mins and then decreasing. It was a great workout for me.
D probably should have listened to his body and taken the day off, but he rode hard and later in the night said he felt like he was coming down with something. Hopefully all the vitamin C I am feeding him will help him fight it off.

TOnight we went for a yummy bday dinner at Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant in Kensington. I love LOVE that place and we got our fill of spicy lentils! Then it was off to the Xavier Rudd concert. I totally lucked out a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon the ad for this. D is a fan and after the concert I am too!
The guy is freakin amazing! He is an Aussie and is incredibly talented. He playes 3 digeredoos, a guitar, bongos, drums and assorted other percussion instruments...all at once. Oh yeah, and he sings. His music is fantastic and he has a really passionate social message as well. I forgot my camera at home...bummer cause there were some cool photo ops.

We had a blast. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. All in all a fantastic day. Happy birthday babe, I am so grateful to share your life with you. I look forward to many more birthdays with you!

TFTD: Swim 2500m 50min
Bike 60min

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Run

Today was a beautiful day for a run, the sun was out and the temps have risen quite nicely. I was glad I waited to do my run, I was feeling much more energetic and happy to get out.

I did the resevoir loop. It is quite possibly the last time I will run that loop for a while. I felt good, kept it easy and did the 17.5km in 1hr40.

TFTD Run 1hr40

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paying for Party Time

Saturday morning we did our usual basement sweat fest, 2 hr edition. The first 90mins were fine, the last 30 were a sufferfest. But we made it through and earned our binge on party foods later in the evening.
Nicole was very generous to offer her home to host a little buh bye gathering last night. We got a chance to visit with some of our favorite people and a we really had a blast. We even made it until often does that happen!?

I had a few drinks, which I didn't really feel until this morning when I woke up really tired and lethargic. D and I managed to procrastinate our run long right into tomorrow. It was a gloriously lazy day lounging and catching up on rest with my baby. My weekly training total will look a bit off, but in the big picture I don't care.

TFTH Saturday: Bike 2hrs

Friday, February 15, 2008

Swim for your sushi

So today was my last day of work for PB. I won't get too emotional about it here, but it is a significant day for me. My involvement in this organization has been the single most important reason behind the success I have become over the past 8 years. The people I have met, support I have received, love I have shared and mentoring I have experienced have made my time there the most valuable investment of my life. I appreciate everyone I have worked with, learned with and from, coached, been coached by, laughed and cried with, more than words can express. I especially have Jay and Cory to thank for their belief in me from the beginning of time. For being able to see in me what I wasn't able to see myself, and for giving me the opportunities and resources to grow into my potential.

Tonight we did a great swim (thanks to D for dragging me to the pool) and then went to Globefish Sushi where we feasted like royalty on the most deluxe and delectable sushi dishes in town. Thanks for the GC PB!! We had an awesome dinner with wine and all the best sushi. It was a great belated valentines and celebration of the end of one chapter in our lives.

My swim was great, I did 2X 1000 and both sets were under 18:45 and moderately paced. Then 300m easy cool down.

TFTD: Swim 2300m 42mins

Thursday, February 14, 2008

TCR Time Trial...Progress is good!

I had a great afternoon with Nicole today. We hung out at my place, made home made valentines day cards, chatted and drank coffee. As is the theme this week, I am really conscious of how precious my time with my friends is. With 2 weeks left in Calgary, the reality is beginning to set in and I am becoming more sentimental each day ;-)

Tonight we had a romantic Valentines Day spin with the TCR crew. It was a fantastically perfect v-day with D and I having great rides in the time trial. I was stoked to take 41 seconds off my last time and average 181 watts for the 10km effort- up from 168watts in October. I guess I am doing something right!

Only 2 more TCR bike classes to go. I can't say enough good things about what this class has done for both of us. We have been fortunate to be a part of a very fast and competitive group that has pushed us to be stronger, faster and fitter than we would have on our own. We are really going to miss these classes and the people we train with. See what I mean about the sentimentality??

Tomorrow is my last day of work for Personal Best, after being a part of the organization for almost 8 years. Don't even get me started...

TFTD: Bike 85mins

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tonight I met up with Celine for a run. We had a fantastic visit while we ran and an hour went by in a heartbeat. I am really going to miss her, and the other friends that I have in Calgary. I have made some amazing connections in 9 years here and the people I am blessed with in my life are truly irreplaceable...sigh.
So these last few visits, and runs with friends are to be treasured. While I am sure I will make great friends in Grande Prairie, the people I will miss here have been with me through many good times and bad times. Our history connects us, and those special few friendships do not come along often. Celine and I have been soul sisters since we met more than 6 years ago.

Anyway, back to the run. It was a great run. I have no idea what my heart rate was or how far we went, but we ran for 65mins and had a fantastic visit about our lives, our futures, the US election, and a random assortment of topics. Good times to be treasured.

TFTD: Run 65mins

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday night ride

My legs are still stiff today! But at least I can walk down the stairs normally and things are loosening up little by little.

I felt great on the bike tonight, riding feels better than walking at this point! All should be well and recovered by tomorrow- just in time for a run with Celine!
It is great to have some warmer weather. I will take the slushy mess any day over the deep freeze we have had lately!

TFTD: Bike 60mins

Monday, February 11, 2008

Recovery Swim/Ride

Took it pretty easy today, the legs are really stiff and sore after yesterday's efforts. It seems like it is worse after cold weather races...I'm sure there is physiology behind that.

I did a nice easy swim in the warm Glenmore waters and felt much better after. Later in the day I hopped on the bike and did a good recovery spin.

TFTD: Swim: 45mins 2100m
Bike 45mins

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sweet Success!

This morning the weather channel said -26...needless to say I was less than excited to get out there and run 21.1km as hard as I could. But today was the day, weather or not we were determined to have our race. The name of the race was not the "mild winter day" half marathon after-all.
We bundled up and covered as much skin as possible, but even with the layers, it was freakin cold!

I started with a good pace. I had a goal time in mind and I knew that the conditions may keep me from it, but I was determined to run my best race. There were a three girls that took off a lot faster but I didn't care, I was more concerned with my own race than where I placed.
I ran a steady pace the first 10km and was feeling really good other than the ice covering my face, eyelashes etc. I had to take my glasses off because I could no longer see through the frost, and I was wondering how long until the eyelashes were so thick that I was completely blinded. Another girl came up along side me and I expected her to pass, but instead we fell into a rhythm and began running stride for stride. We ran together to the turn around and I was able to see that the lead girl was about a mile ahead but the 2nd and 3rd females were within a kilometer of us.
After the turnaround I picked up the pace a bit and caught up to a guy who was breathing really loud and tried to stick with me. I couldn't stand his panting so I picked up the pace a bit more and dropped him. Soon after I heard footsteps and my running partner was back. I also now had the 3rd place female in sight and was gaining on her. I could also see the 2nd place female about 200m ahead of her. I probably pushed my pace a bit too much at this point because by 18km I was hurtin. My partner pushed the pace again and I tucked in behind her for a bit but had to back off and let her go for fear of blowing up completely. I held on to 13km/hr and ran about 100m back. It was neat to see that the 4 of us were running in a pace line, about 100m apart from one another.
When we hit 20km everyone seemed to pick up the pace. The girl that had been running with me moved into 3rd and was gaining on 2nd. I knew I didn't have another gear left so I just tried to hang on. I looked at my watch and knew I was going to make it in under 1:40, I also saw that I was running 14.5km/hr and losing ground.
As we approached Eau Claire the route crossed over into Prince's Island park where the pathway was replaced by slippery packed snow and ice. The girls seemed to surge again and I really had nothing left. I just kept pushing as hard as I could to the finish. I was so elated to see the clock under 38mins. My chip time was 36:56- well under my 1:40 goal!
I was so happy. I came 5th female, but the placing did not matter. Running with those girls gave me the competitive drive to push myself to run as hard as I could. I have no doubt that chasing them down was what helped me have such an amazing race.
As it turns out, the girl I was running with finished 3rd and qualified for NY Marathon which was her goal. She was so happy at the end she was in tears...she hugged me and thanked me for "pacing her" lol. It felt good to share in such a big moment with a complete stranger!
Now what I haven't mentioned is that my man D BLEW the field away with a 1:19:55 run. A full 6mins ahead of second place.
We were both so happy to have a great day. All of our hard work these past months is paying off. There isn't a lot of glory or glamour in our daily grind of basement training sessions, so it is nice to see some positive results. It is also a good sign that we have the potential to race well in Boston in 2 months.
I feel like I have had a major breakthrough in my training and now in my racing. I know that I can push myself at a very high level for that distance. I know that I have more speed than I used to, and my endurance is coming along too.
My ave HR was 167...very high! But as we move into the longer endurance training, it will come.

FEBRUARY 10, 2008


Place Race# Name City Guntime Chiptime Pace
===== ====== ========================= ================ ========== ========== =====
1 3776 Darin HUNTER Calgary AB 1:19:55.80 1:19:55.80 3:48
2 3867 Mike PASCOE Calgary AB 1:26:17.00 1:26:17.00 4:06
3 3718 Colin FEASBY Calgary AB 1:28:49.20 1:28:49.20 4:13
4 3759 Stephen HASTINGS Calgary AB 1:29:31.40 1:29:31.40 4:15
5 3618 Hugo BATTEKE Calgary AB 1:32:03.30 1:32:03.30 4:22
Place Race# Name City Guntime Chiptime Pace
===== ====== ========================= ================ ========== ========== =====
1 3708 Kari ELLIOT Calgary AB 1:30:41.10 1:30:41.10 4:18
2 3960 Somer WILSON Calgary AB 1:36:00.20 1:36:00.20 4:33
3 3924 Mardi SYRNYK Revelstoke BC 1:36:13.60 1:36:13.60 4:34
4 3407 Debbie REED 1:36:34.10 1:36:34.10 4:35
5 3844 Amber Dawn MORRIS Calgary AB 1:36:56.40 1:36:56.40 4:36

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Climb for Tired Legs

Tonight was TCR bike class night, and I was a little worried. I am feeling pretty tired this week and am definitely fighting something. I have been drinking vitamin C like crazy, and trying to catch a bit of extra sleep to combat whatever this is. With a race coming up this weekend, the last thing I need is a cold.
So tonight I really wanted to ride, because we only have a few classes left, but I didn't want to put myself over the edge and wake up tomorrow sick.
I was able to do the class, with a good effort and not kill myself. Fortunately it was a shorter class, just the 5.4km warmup followed by a 17km climb. I managed to do it in 36mins and was a bit disappointed with how low my ave watts were- 164. But I did keep my cadence up the entire climb which was not easy on the steeper pitches.

Tomorrow I am taking a full rest day, and hopefully by Sunday will be back to 100%.

TFTD: Bike 70mins

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hurtin Humpday...

Today I just needed to get outside for a run. All of the indoor running has been good, but I miss the fresh air, the scenery and the connection with life I feel when I run outside.
The temp was more reasonable today, and on the first half of my run I was warm and comfortable. I also felt a not so subtle push from behind and I knew once I turned around I was going to pay. And I did. The wind was strong, cold and biting. On top of that the stitch I have been fighting with all week returned full force. I decided to dial back the pace and just get home in one piece.
I was a bit frustrated as I have a race coming up Sunday and I wanted to feel a bit of confidence in my ability to push the pace.

Instead I will have to trust and just go with the flow I suppose. Tonight I had a massage with the pain meister and he worked me over something good... I felt like I'd been hit by a truck afterwards, but after a litre of water and some rest my body started to come around and I know it will be better for it.
He worked on my obliques/ hipflexors which were really gummed up and probably the source of the stitch issues. I hope it is cured and I don't have to add that to the mix for the race.

Training for the day: Run 52mins 9.5km

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That's Better!

Got on the bike tonight right after work and was happy to have my legs rejoin me for the ride.
I felt fantastic and pushed a solid gear at 95-100rpm with a low-moderate perceived effort and an ave HR of 150.
Tough days make the good ones feel that much better.

Training for the day: Bike 90min

Monday, February 4, 2008

EZ Swim

Both D and I were feeling a bit run down today so we hit the pool with less enthusiasm than usual. I actually felt better once I got going and really enjoyed the relaxed easy swim. D was not feeling it today so he called it a day after 30mins and I followed suit shortly after. Managed 1500m at a very easy pace.

Training for the day: Swim 1500m 30min

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Sufferfest

After a week of intense workouts and a day of sitting on my ass, it was time to bring on the hurt with a long ride. I wasn't prepared to ride with no legs, but that is what it turned out to be. My legs were absolutely useless, and after a half hour of being frustrated and grumpy I adjusted my attitude and my expectation for the workout and decided it was to be a low hr, high cadence spin. I couldn't get my HR up to save my life, so it was best to work with what I had.
The entire 2.5hrs was tough, mentally and physically. I was very tempted to call it a day after an hour, but lucky for me I have a second half who was suffering just as much as I was, and we wouldn't let one another quit.
Watching the 2004, 2005 and part of 2006 Kona IM races helped keep us going. Days like today are what it takes to get there, and we are determined to make that happen. This isn't the first tough day, and it won't be the last. But I don't know anyone who does this sport because it is easy...

Training for the day: Bike 2.5hrs

Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Night Run

Tonight we switched things up and did our long run. D's grampa's funeral is tomorrow so we will be in Brooks all day. It was a tough run, the first hour was ok, I just dialed the treadmill in to 6.5mph and jogged. The second half I bumped it up to 7.0mph and then 7.5mph and finally 8.0mph. As the time went by I just wanted to get off the damn machine so I ran faster to reach my 13mile destination. It turned out to be a 1hr55 min run despite trying to hurry things up.

Training for the day: Run 13miles, 1hr 55min