Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Need for Speed

Great workout tonight for us. First up was a swim, how far can we go in 60mins. I had a great swim and did 3k in exactly 60mins and 0 seconds. I felt really good, and only stopped to let the speedy D by every now and then.
Next was on to the treadmill, where the Boston schedule called for Mile repeats x3. I got on and started warming up, but didn't feel right. My HR was really high and 6.5 felt fast. I did a mile warm up and then bumped it up to 7.5 for my first mile interval. I got a wicked stitch that wouldn't let go and my HR was high. I pushed through the nasty pain and finished out the mile. The .5mile recovery was enough to work out the pain and get my HR back to normal. The second mile was great, everything seemed to be sorted out- no pain and a normal HR. I was itching to bump up the speed but rode out the mile at 7.5. After another .5mile recovery it was on to number 3. I felt really good and did the first half at 8.0, then bumped it up to 8.5 for a quarter mile and 9.0 for the last quarter mile. i was flyin'. After the last .5mile recovery I called it a night. 6.5miles in 45mins.
All in all a great workout.

When we got home dinner was ready and waiting for us. I have been the queen of the crockpot this week and tonight was chicken, quinoa and veggies. It was yum-my.

Training for the day: Swim 1hr 3000m
Run 6.5 miles 45mins (3xmile rpts)

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