Monday, December 22, 2008

I heart Jasper

Well we are back in paradise and if is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. Our bikes have been replaced by xc skis, and we are wearing significantly more layers, but having just as much fun in the great outdoors. It is really quiet here, as summer is actually the busy season. It is very peaceful and relaxing. Harley may be the biggest fan of this place, though, as he has been loving all the off leash back country exploration. As I type this he is snoring away with his head on my lap :-)
Friday D was working so Harley and I went for a hike along a trail just alongside the town. Of was a 90 min loop of power hiking/jogging by me, and running up and down the mountainside by Harley. When D got home around 4, he took him out for another hour of running, so he was one tired pooch by the end of the day. The weather has been brutally cold, especially in the mornings. By the afternoons it is bearable-as long as I am wearing several layers and have no exposed skin.
We got out for a great ski on Saturday afternoon. It was really nippy out but we bundled up and were fine. We did a trail from the Wabasso campground that followed along the Athabasca river. We were out about 90 mins which was just enough to wear us all out. It was beautiful back in the trees and although there were tracks, they were mostly snowed over and we were breaking new trail. Sunday we had a slow start to the day after a sleepless night due to D coughing. The poor guy has had this cough for 3 weeks now. We were finally coaxed into going out by Harkey who was whining and pacing in front of the window. We were grateful that he got us out though, as we were treated to a beautifully groomed track up hwy 93a where the road is closed just past meeting of the waters. We have biked this highway many times, but this was a whole new way to experience it. Harley loved it and was sprinting at 100 miles an hour up the road and back and zig zagging between the ditches sniffing everything he could. We were a bit less energetic and were out only 75mins but it was just nice to get the fresh air.
Today D is working and I am going to take Harley out for a trail run this afternoon. The weather feels almost balmy at -24.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And so this is Christmas...

My parents made the long drive to have an early Christmas with us last week/weekend. We had a great week with them and Christmas at our place went over very well. My parents handled the Turkey and it turned out perfectly. My vegetable dish looked odd but tasted great, and overall a very merry time was had by all.

The rush of Christmas coming early has forced me to do all my shopping wrapping and preparing. Now the 2nd Christmas will be a breeze! We leave today for Jasper, and then on to Calgary Tuesday. I was hoping to have many outdoor adventures with my new skiis and my dog (D will be working in Jasper) but looking at the weather forecast I am thinking there may be more coffee sipping, napping and reading on the schedule. At least there is a pool and gym that will keep me honest if the weather is unbearable. I am also looking forward to spending some time on my 2008 review and 2009 goal setting. I do this every year and it is always a rewarding and inspiring exercise. D has already done his and has some goals in there for me so I'd better get on doing my own!

Training over the past week has been hit and miss. I missed a few workouts with family here, and at the same time had some really good sessions in between. Saturday was a doozy of a bike workout. D was still sick so he sat out, but Mike and Marcia joined me for some Bending Crank arms fun! Running on the treadmill, while boring, really helps with the speed work. I like to run fast so that I can't think too much :-)

Today I will brave the cold and run Harley outside to wear him out for the road trip. I got Yacktrax for Christmas, so at least I will have some traction. And D bought me some awesome North Face mittens and the mother of all head/neck/face warmers. No excuses not to get out there!

I have too far back to go to update training... but this week thus far
Monday: Run 45
Tuesday: Swim 30
Wednesday: Bike 45

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok, I was sick of seeing the green face on my blog, so I found one that makes me feel better :-)
I am officially better- I knew I was good once I could drink coffee again. As bad as having my guts turned inside out for 2 days was, it was only slightly worse than the caffeine withdrawal headache I had. Yes, it is officially official....I am a full blown caffiene junkie. It is easy to deny the addiction until I can't stomach the drug delivery beverage...
But all is well in the world again.
Yesterday I sweat out the end of the sickness with a 60min spin sans fan. I figured I would rid myself of whatever toxins may be hiding in the only bodily fluids that weren't forcefully ejected from my body on the weekend. :-S
Today there was a running time trial on the books as well as a swim. Both went well. The 3km TT took me 13:34 and my HR got up to I have some work to do :-)
The swim went well, other than the one arm fly arm??!! I can't even do the fly with both arms! I am liking all the drills though, it keeps me focused in the pool and time goes by faster.
This weekend is early Christmas. My parents are here and I am hosting everyone for the big Turkey dinner. It would be a disaster if not for the fact my mom is here to make sure I don't screw anything up. Martha Stewart I am not.

Tuesday TFTD: Bike 60min
Wednesday: Run 35
Swim 45

Sunday, December 7, 2008

sick with a capital ICK

Well it certainly wasn't the weekend we were hoping for, D and I have both been sick since Saturday. We did manage our group spin and did 2 hrs of Aerobic base building with Coach Troy, but soon after lunch things started to get ugly for me, and I spent the rest of the night shuffling between the couch and the bathroom. After sleeping for most of the day today I am still feeling a bit woozy, but on the mend. Poor Harley was stuck in the house until nearly 2pm when we sucked it up and took him out. It was nice to be out, it was snowing and there has been quite a bit of the white stuff accumulating all day. We were only out about 45mins but I was wiped by the end. We went to pick up some groceries and movies and got a big rawhide bone for Harley. It was the smartest thing we did because he has kept himself occupied the rest of the day with it.
I am hoping and praying that this passes and I feel better tomorrow. D has some kind of head/chest cold that he brought back from T.O so I am hoping the rest and vitamin c does its trick for him as he has an exam Tuesday. The poor guy has had to study most of the weekend despite feeling like crap.

I did get one swim in this week, but still short. I will hopefully get a longer run in this week to make up for today's missed one. At least all the snow will make it easier to run outside.

Thursday: Bike 60
Swim 30
Friday Weights
Saturday: Bike 2hrs

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well D is out of town this week, and I was just reading another bloggers post about her bachelorette behaviors, when her hubby goes out of town for a few days for work. D is on the road about 10 days out of the month. And while I miss him dearly, there are also some things that I enjoy about having the place to myself. There are certain things I do, and do not do, only when he is away.
For example, I rarely make the bed when he is gone. Otherwise I am pretty anal about the bed being made, but when D is away for some reason I look at it and go...meh, Also my eating habits change- I eat more breakfast foods for dinner, and tend to pick up a veggie burrito from Taco time at least one..or two nights :-) I watch all the lame shows D hates, stay up late reading and I leave all my dishes in the sink until the end of the day. So I guess I am a bit of a slob when no one else is around :-)
Now that I have Harley to keep me company I al least have someone to talk
Speaking of the four legged wonder, Harley and I braved the skating rink like pathways and went for a short run. Since the weather has changed, D has been taking on most of the running with Harley and I have been doing the walking and sticking to the tready for my running. But I had to take one for the team today, and Syl must have been a part of the conspiracy because my schedule called for a 45min run on snowy terrain. The short run was more than enough. It was exhausting just trying to keep my feet under me and make sure I didn't trip on Harley or wipe out. I was spent by the end.
Tonight Sarah asked me to come along to the pool as she is taking lessons and there was a lane swim from 9-10pm. Originally I thought I would go, but after getting home from bootcamp I realized I am too tired to get a good workout. I had back to back sessions today on top of bootcamp tonight and I am just done. So another missed swim, but I am determined to make it up.
For now, I am going to bed early...and not to read.

TFTD: Run 45mins

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Well another month down, and now we are in the last one of 2008! This has definitely been a defining year for us, and probably the most fun 11 months I've ever had! Since I met D, my life has gotten better and happier every day. I know that the future holds many many more adventures for us, and I am excited for the ride ahead!
Training wise, I have been pretty low key. Not sure if it is the time of year, or the fact that I am so happy in my life, but training feels different. I do my workouts (most of them) because I want to stay in shape, and I love and need the physical release. But right now I don't feel any drive towards my goals for the season, no big oomph behind what I am doing.
I just got my month of workouts from Coach Syl and am thrilled to see lots of short, focused workouts. That is what I need right now as my attention span is limited and I seem to need the play by play of what to do each minute of the workout or I get bored.
Also, lots of cross country skiing and snow shoeing...yay! Now I just need to get x-c skis and snow shoes....and we need more snow!
I have asked Santa for the skiis and I found some cheap snow shoes at Costco...and if the forecast is right the snow is coming too. So soon Harley and I will be tearing it up on the trails :-)
We have also planned a little pre Christmas get away in Jasper in a couple weeks and I am soooo excited for it. I can't wait to take Harley out in the mountains and enjoy our winter wonderland hide away!

Speaking of our furry friend, his training has been going gangbusters! I ordered the Dog Whisperer DVDs and book and have been working diligently to master the walk with Harley. He has gone from dragging me around like moose on steroids to walking beside or behind me in a calm, submissive manner. He is getting better around other dogs as well, and today he passed the test with the Yummy Mummy group, waiting back while the moms and babies came and went instead of charging and mauling them as he was before. None of this has come easy, but we have worked really hard with him and it is paying off. It is amazing how important it is to establish ourselves as the pack leaders. Especially with a confident and strong dog like Harley. I feel like it is all worth it though, as we are raising a balanced and happy dog :-)
And while 'humanizing' the dog is one of the worst things ppl do when training, I can't help but dress my pooch up- because he lets me and he is sooo cute!! LOL

The tree is up, and I am feeling festive. We had our first (and only) xmas party on the weekend and survived. My parents will be here next week for an early Christmas and this year I am hosting. Hopefully our new dining room table arrives in time... sitting 6 adults and 3 kids around a 2 seater table will be tough.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Weights
Wednesday: Bike 50 Run 30
Thursday: Weights Bike 50
Friday: Run 45
Saturday: Run 60
Sunday: off
Monday: off
Tuesday: Bike 60