Sunday, January 20, 2008

Big Run!!

So today was the cap on the big training weekend for us. We opted to do our run indoors and avoid the cold. I was glad we did because I had a stellar run and I know I wouldn't have had that same speed in the snow.
We headed over to MRC after breakfast with our ipods loaded with some new tunes, ready to tackle the treadmill.
I was surprised that my legs didn't feel fatigued at all after yesterday's ride (I guess laying around the rest of the day was beneficial) and I felt pretty great throughout the run.
I started with an easy warm up, 6.5mph for 23mins. I was ready to bump it up to 7.0 and ran comfortably there with my HR sitting at 150-151 for another hour. At the 90min mark I was starting to fatigue so I decided it was time to test myself and I bumped it up to 7.5 for 15mins. I wanted more than anything to slow back down, but instead, I decided to see what was left in the tank. For the next 5 mins I bumped the speed up 1.0mph per minute until I reached 8.0mph. I ran there a minute and then took it back down to 7.5 for 5 mins and 7.0 for the final 5 mins.
My legs were pretty tired by the end, but I could have kept running at the 7.0 pace for another hour I am sure.
I covered just under 14miles in 2 hrs.

Tonight we had a great treat and had a wonderful Sunday dinner at D's parents' place. We had a great time visiting and playing with baby Jake who is growing like a weed and sooo cute now that he is cooing and giggling. He was just like one of the boys sitting with D and his dad watching the football game with great interest!
D's mom went all out with a full turkey dinner with all the fixings, salads and desert. It was a great conclusion to a solid training weekend and my first double digit training week of 08.

This week will be a good recovery week as we are heading north to GP on Wed. night to shop for a home. Wish us luck in finding something- otherwise we'll be looking for a large refrigerator box!

Training for the day: Run 2hrs 13.8miles (22km)

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