Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beautiful Day for a Run!

What month is it again? It sure didn't feel like January today, I think I am going to miss this part of life Calgary- January days of +5 degrees! It was an absolutely gorgeous morning for a run, and although I was a bit concerned of how my legs would feel after yesterday's efforts, I actually felt great straight away.
I started at 11km/hr and the effort felt easy. I ranged between 11-11.5km/hr for the first 13km and then bumped it up to 12-13km/hr for 3km and then backed it down to 11.0 to finish off the last 2kms.
I ran around the resevoir and from home and back it was 17.6km and it took 93min. I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome I felt- my legs, lungs, everything felt good. After the tough run last weekend it is relieving to have a great run and feel a bit more confident about the half marathon next month.
Tonight we had James and Celine over for dinner and had a great night hanging out with them. Tomorrow is back to work :-( the weekends go by toooo fast!

Training for the day: Run 93min 17.6km

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