Thursday, February 3, 2011


There has been a lot of sweat around the Hunter house lately. Training for a race in a place where the temperature is 26-27 degrees everyday with 85% humidity making it feel like 35-36 degrees when you live in a place where it is -30 means you get creative.
We train with extra clothes, no fan and the heat cranked. We sweat like fools and drink as much as we can. Last Sunday I went through 6 bottles and only peed once. We sit in the sauna after our swims and today we discussed doing bootcamp exercises in there.
I fully expect to get slaughtered by the heat. My plan is to survive the swim (no wetsuits allowed) ride as hard as I can, and then survive the run. I really don't care, it is an excuse for a holiday and I am fully looking forward to every bit of it! I have another rock this bikini...
Training is going surprisingly well. I am surprised because I had an entire year off tri training and I expected it to take longer to feel like I've got my groove back. I finally hit 3k on my swim today, that has been the toughest discipline to get back. I feel amazing on the bike and running is coming. I was able to sneak in 24hrs in Jasper last week when D traveled there for work and Hdog and I enjoyed a 2 hr run in the trails. I have been doing all my running on the treadmill and the deep, narrow and uneven trails were a real workout! I was feeling it for a couple of days. But I loved every second.

I am more excited about triathlon than I have been in years. Maybe since my first one. I have this entirely new motivation and a goal that is pushing me to take it to another level. I know it is early in the season though, and I just hope this lasts. :)

Some shots from our 3 hr ride last Sunday...It was a true sufferfest. I rode hard for the entire 3 hrs and by the end I could barely make it up the stairs. I love it.