Friday, January 18, 2008

Big Swim

Heading into a big training weekend, I was a bit worried as I was feeling pretty stiff and sore from the week's activities. I wasn't sure how I'd feel swimming but as it turned out, it was good for me. Once I got started I got into a groove and just kept going until the lane swim time was up.
I did 4000m, no speed records being broken, but I felt good and it was an effortless swim.

Later in the day I went for a much needed massage. It hurt alot, but I am feeling much better now, my lower legs and feet especially feel unjammed and overall my stiffness is pretty much gone.

We saw a movie tonight- Into the wild". Based on a true story, D read the book years ago and was stoked to see it. It was an amazing story of a young man's journey to make sense of the world. The conclusion? "Happiness is only real when it is shared".
Much truth to that.

I am feeling blessed to share so much happiness.

Tomorrow is big bike day...wheeeeeeeeeee!

Training for the day: Swim 4000m 1hr25mins

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