Monday, August 27, 2007

Done and Done

Full race report to come, but here is the short and dirty version...
Swim- super tough first 750m, thought I was going to drown and almost came to fisticuffs with a guy who I swear was trying to drown me.
Bike- Good bike, bu super windy second half, had a slower time than I expected, but given the conditions I did as best as I could. Had some tummy issues that meant 4 porta potty visits on the ride...ayee.
Run- Felt great the first 20miles, and suffered through the last 6 miles. Had a 2hr half time and was happy with 4:11 and only 2 more porta potty stops ;-)

12:01:02... I would have loved to be under 12hrs, but I know that I gave 100% and had my personal best day given all the conditions and issues.

D, on the other hand, ripped it up and did a 9:51- good enough to place 5th in his highly competitive age group and earn a qualifying spot for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii!! He opted not to take the spot, with all we have going on it just wasn't in the cards. The important thing to him was to have a day where he really saw his personal best, and he got that and more.

Overall we are happy, satisfied and ready for some much deserved rnr. We are staying out here in paradise for the rest of the week and will get some camping and beach bumming in before returning to the rat race in Calgary.

Thanks to everyone for the emails, facebook posts, and positive vibes, I know we felt it out there.

Most especially, a huge loving thanks to my folks who made the 17+hr drive to come out and support us. Having you guys out there on the course cheering us on was a huge boost for us. Not to mention coming home to a hotel room filled with balloons, flowers, signs and cards.
You guys rock and your support and love mean the world to me.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Catching up

Has it really been 5 days since I last posted? Life has been busy, and my mind has been otherwise occupied with all things Ironman.
I will try and fill in the last few days...
Monday- catching up with details and packing for the trip- all the IM gear plus camping gear for the few days post IM equals one jam packed car!
Tuesday- All day meeting at work, a good distraction for my brain which is on tilt ;-)
Mom and Dad arrive in the evening, we have a nice dinner as D is writing his last final for his degree!
Wednesday- Travel Day. Arrived in paradise after 11 hrs, went out for a FANTASTIC run to loosen up the legs, felt like a rock star out there and I am SOOO happy to be in the best place on earth.
Thursday- Swim in the am (big swells out there, I was being tossed around like a rag doll)
nap in the afternoon, and a bike ride of the run course. Feelin ready.
Friday- that brings me to today. As I sit with my legs up in the shade outside our hotel room, it is warm, sunny and all things beautiful, as summer should be. We had a really nice day- walked around a bit to soak up the energy and excitement of the athletes buzzing about, had a latte, and a nap..I love naps. Now just chillin until the carbo load dinner tonight.
Tomorrow will be a short swim, bike run to warm up and then it is game on.
Can't wait to get out there and do it!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The right side of the bubble...

My coach is always talking about "the bubble" all year it has been about keeping me on the right side of the bubble- the energy bubble that is. For the most part we have been successful, the building, peaking and resting has worked out at the right times and I have made it through 10months of IM training without illness or injury. My goal race is a week away, and this is the final peak for me, the entire year has been about getting me to that day on the right side of the bubble.
I started my taper officially on Monday, and for the most part I have felt like crap for this entire week. Low energy and sooo tired. I definitely was feeling on the wrong side of the bubble, and frankly, I was starting to worry. I was signed up to race Chaparral today, but I signed up with the commitment that I would only race if I felt 100%. I felt much less than that for the most part of the week so last night D and I made the decision that we would forgo the race, and focus on resting up. It was an easy decision for D- he is recovering from a stomach virus and definitely was not in the mood to race. I decided that I had nothing to gain and everything to lose by racing tired, so I was ok with my decision as well. As it turns out, it was the right choice. After a solid 12hr sleep last night I woke up feeling more rested than I have in weeks. I went for an easy workout at the TC and felt peppy and strong. I kept it short, but felt amazing, and finally feel like I am working from the right side of that bubble again...
This week is about taking good care of my body. Good rest, solid nutrition and some short punchy workouts to keep me feeling fresh.
Tuesday mom and dad are coming and we are all leaving Wednesday am. We have a fantastic lake front hotel booked for the week and I am really looking forward to getting out there and most of all looking forward to race day. My goals are clear to me and I feel very confident that my training has been solid. I just need to put into play all that I know and things will come together as I have planned.
One thing is for certain...I am going to enjoy it. I have earned it.

Training for the weekend: Saturday Bike 50min t-run 10min
Sunday Swim 45mins (2.1km), Bike 30mins, Run 30mins (6km) Stretch 15mins

Renos- purchased appliances, kitchen cupboards and sink, tile and hardwood. Chose tub, toilet ,sink, vanity and kitchen countertops as well as paint and lighting... about 7hrs

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ride On

Went out tonight for an easy ride. Did 85mins and it felt like I was just getting started when it was time to turn around. Had quite a tail wind on the way out hwy8 and was having a tough time getting my hr up despite going 38-40km/hr. The way back I was actually happy for the head wind so that I could push a bit and get my hr up to race zone.
Skipped out on the ow swim tonight. I have been really tired all week despite getting 9rs of sleep every night. Had some good quality super dark chocolate after dinner and I think that was what I It may actually be that I'm not getting enough calories. My weight is down to where I want it and I have been really careful as I want to maintain it till race day. I might need to up the protein and fat though, despite taking in tons of veggies, fruit, as well as what I thought was adequate nuts, legumes and seeds. I have also been taking iron and vitamin c. But based on results there is a piece of the equation missing...I'll sort it out.
Looks like Sunday is forecast to be rainy and cold...if that is the case we will be bailing on the race. It will become an indoor w/o if that is the case. A week out from IM, I am not racing in the rain and cold. With virtually no body fat, I am not going to have a repeat of Arbour lake hypothermic race.

Training for the day: Bike 85mins

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Birds...

Easy day today, just a loop around Lake Chaparral. Pretty uneventful, except for the flock of seagulls that converged on the lake and scared the b'jeesus out of me. Birds are not scary- except when they are in packs of 100 0r more and when they are divebombing your head...
Had a fantastic swim, D was amazed with my super speedy lap and I am really happy with how I am feeling in the water.
Picked out our hardwood and tile for the fix n flip today. Having been a renter my whole life, I have never had this experience of renovating. It is actually really fun. We have gone from complaining about all the "home improvement" shows on TV to watching the darn things... lol

Training for the day: Open water Swim 30mins

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Woop Woop

Great day. I was up early to get my workout in before work so that I could be available to help out with the pB BBQ tonight.
Had a fantastic workout, the air was a bit nippy for me so I dusted off the trainer and spun myself sweaty. Did 75min high cadence in z2.
After soaking through my clothes I changed into some dry stuff and headed out the door for a run. My legs are really peppy, and I was holding back the whole run to stay at my IM pace. Did 45mins total before a quick shower and off to work.
The BBQ was a great success, had about 70 people at the peak, and it was great to see some people I haven't seen in a while, and play with all the kids:-D I am now super tired and ready for bed.
Training for the day: Bike 75mins
Run 45mins

Monday, August 13, 2007


Fantastic Swim tonight
400 easy 1' 400
6x 50 (25 fist/25 dps) 30" 300
6x 50 (25 fast/25 backstroke) 30" 300
10x100 30" 1000
5x100 alternate 25 head up/25 dps 30" 500

300 kick on side 300
200 easy 200

Total 3000

D had his follow up VO2 max and rocked it. All of his numbers have improved and he is feeling dialed in and ready!
I declined a second test, I choose to believe that if D has improved, I have LOL
Well we have done all the same training... and I know I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been.
Had a chance to chat with Syl about the final weeks left until IMC. This weekend we are racing Chaparral, but I have strict orders to take it easy- 80% max. Ugh...that will be tough for me in a race, I am competitive. But I know that I need to save my punch for IM.

Training for the day: Swim 3K 1hr15

Sunday, August 12, 2007

And's time to taper :-)

Well, with our last long run and longish ride successfully under our belts, we are ready to taper.
Saturday was a 2hr15 run and Today we rode 3hrs and ran 15mins off the bike. It was a hard earned 3hr ride between the wind and the hills it was a tough but worthy effort. Coming off the bike I felt great, and all the eating I have been practicing on the bike is paying off.
On top of training we got a ton of errands and yard work done this weekend and also had some great relaxation time together.
Training for the weekend: Run 2hr15 23.55km
Bike 3hrs 80km
P.S.I love my Garmin, now I can see my pace, distance, and map my elevation and route. It is wicked.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

It is friggin cold out there...In 3 days we've gone from sleeping in the living room because it was so hot, to turning on the heat!
We opted for an indoor workout tonight. Did a swim/bike keeping it pretty easy. I have been feeling really tired and dizzy the last couple of days- not sure if it is the weather, or just my body telling me to rest. Either way, I am taking it easy, with just over 2 weeks to IMC, now is not the time to get sick. The rest will do me good in the long run, we have done the work, now just need to get there healthy !

Training for the day: Swim 2700km 1hr
Bike 1hr indoors

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Recovery Run

Just a short zone 1 recovery run today. My legs feel a bit of muscle soreness, but overall no fatigue, heaviness etc. which surprises me after the big weekend we did.
Ran easy for 45mins, did 7.5km and I was slowing myself down the entire time, I felt like running faster...maybe it was because I wore racing flats.

Tomorrow the forecast is rain rain rain, so it will be indoor workouts for us.

Training for the day: Run 45mins 7.5km

Monday, August 6, 2007

Home Time

This morning we were both feeling a bit tired, but the only way home was to ride, so after another great breakfast it was back on the bikes and on our way. D took my running shoes which lightened my pack significantly (good man) and I was much more comfortable. We were rewarded for the tough ride out with a fast ride home. We were flying and when we reached the Petro Can inside of 4hrs we decided to carry on and go for lunch in Bragg Creek before heading home.
After a great lunch we were ready to get home and dropped the hammer all the way back, finishing our 152km ride in 4hrs50mins (D was 4hrs38 despite letting me sit on his wheel for the first 30km).

Overall, it was a stellar training weekend, a monumental weekend for us, and also a relaxing and rejuvenating get away.

Training for the day: Bike 152km 4hrs51

Weekend total: 304km Biking 31.55km running in 3 days for my 30th birthday :-)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I AM Ready

Today was long run day, and this was the real test for me- if I could do my 3hr run strong I would know I was good to go for IMC.

We had a great breakfast in the hotel, took some time to digest and then we were off. I had my bday present running partner- a Garmin! D really spoiled me this year...
It was great to run with the constant feedback of my pace. I was able to run the pace I wanted to and despite a downpour at the 2hr mark, I made it 3hrs feeling strong the entire time. The last 15mins were tough because I made it back to the hotel too soon and had to do laps around the community to make the time. According to Garmin, I ran 31.55km in 3hrs. Perfect pacing and my ave hr was 151. I can afford to run slower than that in IMC and still make my goal time.
It was a huge confidence booster and I am truly feeling ready to rock.
D ran about 40km and managed to see virtually every tourist spot in the surrounding Banff area!

When we got back to the hotel we had the treat of watching the end of the IM Kona coverage. It is so inspiring to watch and it got me even more excited for race day.

We had lunch and then went up to the roof and enjoyed the outdoor hot pool and jacuzzi tub. The view up here was fantastic, and although hot water is not supposed to be good post workout, it sure felt amazing! After our hot tub we were ready for a nap and had a great sleep until it was time for dinner. What a life! Then it was off to see "Bourne Ultimatum" which turned out to be a fantastic action packed movie that we both really enjoyed.
All in all another perfect day in paradise!

Training for the day: Run 31.55km 3hrs

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me :-D

We were up early and with loaded packs we hit the road to Banff. We have been planning this weekend for a long time- the idea was to ride 300km over 3 days for my 30th Birthday. I also have a 3hr run to do while there so the theme continues...

It was a tough ride- less because of the headwind, and constant uphill, and more because of the 10lbs I was carrying on my back :-(
I was having lower back muscle spasms and it was tough to keep going. I am too stubborn to quit for any reason though and pushed on despite the pain.

Just outside of our water stop at Chief Chiniki, my chain became jammed between the cassette and the frame. 10mins later I was covered in chain grease and grumpy... I carried on feeling completely deflated. I stopped again at Lac Des Arcs to take off the backpack and stretch- by this time I was tempted to throw the pack in the water and be done with it. But I needed the running shoes in there and the idea of being in cycling clothes all weekend burst that fantasy bubble in a hurry.
I carried on and finally arrived in Canmore. I was toast, I dropped my pack and flopped down of the grass, convinced I would camp here for the night. D was there waiting for me though and after a bit of a rest I was feeling ready to get back on the road..but first I needed to get some of the grease off my hands, arms, legs and face...
Despite how haggard I looked, and how drained I was feeling, D turned the tough day into the best day of my life when he pulled a box from his backpack and asked me to marry him...
Of course, I said yes :-)
The rest of the ride was better- I had an ear to ear grin, and D let me sit on his wheel which really helped going into the blustery head wind.
We arrived at our hotel and dropped off the bags. D really wanted to do the Norquay climb and as I found out, it was where he had originally planned to pop the question- but after seeing how done I was in Canmore didn't think I would make it. With that knowledge I was definitely going... haha. Without the pack I felt fantastic! We did the 5km climb feeling great. On the way down we stopped at the lookout and took in the amazing view. It was such a surreal day...

After showering we went for a delicious sushi feast and then walked downtown for a latte dessert. The rest of the night we spent chilling in the hotel room and just enjoying our time together.
This is a birthday I definitely will never forget :-)

Training for the day: 152km 6hrs 12mins

Friday, August 3, 2007

Last Day of my 20's

Had a great celebratory lunch with D, Shawn, Geoff, Linda, John and Phil coming out to help me say goodbye to my 20's and hello to my 30's :-)
Had the day off training, and D and I took off work early to get supplies for our traveling training weekend. I also got some new running shoes- I have been looking for something to replace my Asics Nimbus which I have been running in for years. I picked up some New Balance 825s- lighter than the Nimbus, but still enough cushion for marathon distance. I will have a chance to test them out this weekend.
We had a great dinner out and then it was home to pack up for the weekend.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Swimming week!

Down to McKenzie lake tonight for a great open water swim. Swam the perimeter and did two laps which is 4km. Felt great, I took it really easy and did it in 1hr20. I was definitely going slower than IM race pace so that looks good for a strong IM swim.

D and I also purchased a post IM project. A condo that is a fixer upper. It is really small so it is a good way for us to get our feet wet and make some money without taking on too much. It will be cool to see a before and after as the before is really ugly :-)

Training for the day: Open water swim: 4000m 1hr20

10500m total swim for the week!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's the first of August...

That means a lot of things. It means that this is the last month of summer... It means that it is my birthday month... It means that it is Ironman month! Woohoo!

Had a great training day, did a run from work to Douglas Fir ran the stairs (nothing like that route to kick the butt) and the trail and finished up on the pathway. Felt great and really strong-even on the stairs that never end.
After my run I went to Talisman and did another endurance swim in the 50m. Pulled off 3km even though I was hungry and really chilly in that water.
When I got home D and I went for a bite to eat and then it was home to bed- we were beat!

Training for the day: Run 1hr05
Swim: 1hr09 3000m