Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Back Bitches!

Sorry, I'm not calling any of you bitches, but it just felt like the right title for a blog that comes after 4 months of dead air!
So YES! I am back! Thanks to husband extraordinaire for never, ever letting me forget I had a blog gathering dust. I wanted to blog but life changes have been abound and in the moments when I thought of blogging, I didn't know where to start! So much is new!

So rather than trying to update to much, I will start from where I am. Working in my dream business at Skyloft Integrated Wellness Studio, training for a year of triathlons starting with Ironman 70.3 San Juan in March, and loving riding my new Project One Trek Speed Concept! (I designed it online and they built it just for me!!!)
Getting back into swimbikerun has been a challenge. After the Death Race I went right into training a group for the Victoria Half and my body paid the price. I have been dealing with injury/issues ever since and only in the last 3 weeks I have started to run again. It has been a slow building process and I am doing my best to be smart and listen to my body as not to re aggrevate the issues. So far so good.
Swimming has been a real kick in the ass since I took an entire year off of pool time! I am still working on building some endurance in the pool and it isn't pretty. Every week gets a little better though and I did a timed 500 yesterday that had me actually feeling like there is hope that I will regain some swim fitness.
Biking is an entirely different story. I could bike all day every day. Teaching spin classes combined with the motivation my new bike provides ( I WILL NOT look like an ass on that bike) has me feeling like a rock star on the bike. Up to about 90 mins :) But I have been pushing and doing 2hr plus rides and slowly but surely I am getting stronger. I wore skinny jeans today and they were tight in the quads. Which is annoying, but positive feedback :)

So now that my blogging cherry has been re-popped I'll do my best to write with some regularity. And maybe along the way catch things up a bit. Thanks to those of you who kept me on your blog roll!

Oh and PS. It snowed. A LOT.