Monday, January 28, 2008

Ooooh feels good to be back!

After a slack week it felt soooooooo good to get back on the bike tonight and get a dose of that feel good pain. An oxymoron? Maybe, but there is something that feels so good about pushing the body to that state of discomfort.
We did a 2 hr spin, the first hour I was spinning in a moderate gear, keeping my cadence high. The second hour satisfied my masochistic needs with 6 sets of 5min big gear, lower cadence 5 min light gear, high cadence. The big gear sets were tough...really tough. But I seemed to get stronger with each set and kept bumping up the gears.
On the big screen tonight we had 2002 and half of 03. We watched 48mins of the 2003 race and saw exactly 2 mins of actual race. Is this what happened after the race became an NBC emmy award winning production? It is good for the general public, but not so good when you want to watch the race. Ah well, it I was too focused to watch anyway.
The weather here continues to be unbearable. I am lucky to be able to work from home, but tomorrow I must brave the cold to go in for a meeting. I suppose this is just winter in Canada. I wish I could hop a plane and visit my folks in was 30 degrees on the plus side today!

Training for the day: Bike 2hrs

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