Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Brick in a while...

So grateful it is the weekend! We had a great day. Woke up, had a relaxed morning with breakfast and coffe and at 10 finally got on the bikes for our ride. Did a great workout- I felt like a rock star- like I could have kept going forever.

It was a tough workout but surprisingly I felt very strong.

10' easy
4x(1' right leg/ 1' left leg/ 2min spin)
4x8 @ z3high/z4low 4'rest btwn
20' high cadence 95-100 z2
CD my choice

then off the bike and out the door for a 15min transition run. It took me 6mins to find my groove but once I got there I felt like I could have run forever. My calves were tight starting out, but loosened up and felt fine once I got moving.

It is a cold day-1 and a biting wind. I am really done with winter weather. Bring on Spring!!

We spent the rest of the day on errands. Had our favorite big sandwich at Primal Grounds, hit the farmers market and the recyling, and then went up north where I got a new swimsuit. We still haven't found a map of france and I looked it up on the computer at chapters and discovered there isn't one in all of Alberta. So Darin ordered one online- the shipping is as much as the map which is ridiculous....but oh well.

Am following IM Australia, Lisa is behind over 13mins on the bike, I am pulling for her but it is going to be a tough run, she will have a lot of ground to make up. That girl never seems to get it easy! She always looks like she is working full out.

Training for the day:
Bike 1hr45
Run 15

Happy Friday

Yay, Finally it is Friday.
Had a busy day, and headed to the pool with Darin for our regular Friday night pool date. I was feeling really tired today and almost bailed on my swim, but how could I bail on a date with my man?
So I swam, and although I took it pretty easy, I felt pretty good. Pushed through 3050m and 1hr 10mins total time.

Came home, had our pizza and took it easy for the night. My favorite time of day is the chill time I get with Darin.
Tomorrow is Saturday... I love the weekend!

Training for the Day:
Swim 1hr 10 mins

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tough Bike...

Today I did a second treadmill test and had a 75min ride that took a ton of focus to get through.
I know this is making me stronger- this is what I asked for!

The run test was fun, I did 10mins warm up and then measured my HR at the end of 2min sessions at increasing speeds. My results:
6.0- 140bpm
6.5- 149bpm
7.0- 150bpm
7.5- 160bpm
8.0- 169bpm
8.5- 173bpm

I have no idea what this means, if it is good, bad..? But it was fun and I could have kept running.

The bike was another kind of fun. Very tough. The one leg drills are challenging for me which means I need to do them more often. The climbing was tough too. My legs were toast by the end of the workout.

10' easy spin,
4x (1'right leg/1'left leg/2'spin)
5x5'climbs(2'standing/3'seated) @~168 starting next interval when HR back to Z1

Workouts for the day
Run 25mins
Bike 75mins

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Humpday

Had a very busy day today, managed to get two workouts in through, a run test on the treadmill and a Syl assigned swim workout...
The run went well, I ran to Mt Royal, jumped on the treadmill and got my heart rate up to 150 (it took 5mins 50) then I ran at 150 for 3 miles. My time was 26 mins. I jumped off, ran home and went back to work.
Leter I went back to Mt Royal for my swim. Syl gave me a workout to do that I was definitelty not crazy about, but I tried.
One of the sets was 800 25 head up swimming, 25 backstroke. That was tough and I only completed 600. I think I need to do more head up swimming- it will help me feel more confident in the choppy swim start at IM, but the backstroke has got to go. My form sucks and I have a sore shoulder which I am sure is from that.
I adapted some of the other drills and ended up swimming 60mins, a total of 2850m.
I did do some 100 repeats for speed and managed to do 1:43 for my fastest. That is a big improvement for me over previous seasons.

Just gotta keep it up.

Darin is feeling under the weather today- it is very tough for him to relax and rest... I hope he is better soon. And I hope this iron/vitC mix I've ben taking will keep me from getting whatever he has.

Training for the day: Run 60 mins with 3 mile HR test
Swim 60 mins 2850m

Right shoulder sore

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Snowy Tuesday

We woke up to a snow storm today...yipeee. ugh. It has mostly melted already though and it should be warmed up and dried up by the weekend.

Had a solid ride tonight- 75mins zone 2 >90rpm One thing I realize is that I haven't been spinning at that high of a cadence. I am most comfortable 85-88rpm and I guess I'll need to pick that up a bit.

Had a trying day at work today and I was really grateful to have a workout to do when I got home. This part of my life is so important to me, it keeps me balanced, and moving my energy through training allows me to shift out of whatever is bothering me and reground myself in myself.

It also helps to come home to my favorite person who is always happy and enthusiastic. I can't help but feel better when I am around him.

Life is good. I am so blessed to have the opportunities I do, the support I do and the abilities I do. Life is good.

Training for the day- trainer ride 75mins

Monday, March 26, 2007

Rest Day, Yay!

Today is my first day off training in 2 weeks. I plan to enjoy it.

I woke up at 6:15 feeling well rested. Darin rode in with me this morning as his car is having a tire repaired. Our neighbourhood is a construction zone and we have both had nails in our tires. I am not used to being at work at 7:30 but it means going home a bit earlier so that is a bonus.

My legs and over all body actually feel great today. No tightness, no soreness, no fatigue. I am impressed. The iron supplement I am taking must be helping. I started on liquid vegetarian iron last week and have also been taking emergen-c Vitamin C drink.
Not sure how much is real and how much is in my head, but I definitely feel more energy so who cares.

Good news that mom and dad will be here for Easter. They are on their way back from Mexico and will stop on the way through to spend a few days with us. Shawn gave me 2 tickets to the Flames game on the 7th which is the last of the season and it is against the Oilers! They are very good seats- right on the glass and Darin is going to take my dad. He is going to LOVE it!
He deserves it- he's been a die hard fan as long as I can remember- and there have been a lot of years where it was tough to be a Flames fan!

I am hoping to see my nieces soon. I haven't met Gianna yet and she is growing like a weed already! Maesa is also growing like crazy and is apparently talking up a storm.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Long Slow Run Sunday

I woke up a bit tired today. I had a tough time sleeping- my body felt very dehydrated, tight and overtired. It was after one by the time I finally settled to sleep.

Today I took the morning to hang out and be lazy with Darin, and finally headed out for my run at 1130. I only had 90 mins to do and just ran slow and easy- Ave HR was 145. Despite my tired legs, the run went well, and I enjoyed being outside with my music and my thoughts to keep me company.

We enjoyed our favorite Sunday lunch at Primal Grounds, hit the farmers market and ran some errands.

Tonight will be an early night to bed, I am sleepy and need to catch up before the tornado that is the work week begins!

Total training: 1hr 30 min run

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What doesn't kill you...

What a tough ride we had today...
We drove out this morning to Bregg Creek to start our ride. We decided to go hwy 66 up to the top of powderface. It is a challenging ride any day- up hill all the way with some sections up to 8 or 9% grade. Today was extra tough due to a feirce headwind that we had the entire way out. That, combined with my tired legs that have not seen a rest day in 2 weeks, made for a slow slog all the way. It took me 1hr40 to get out and 40 mins to fly back- downhill all the way with a tail wind!
We got back to Bragg Creek with a bit of time to still put in so we did a short out and back on hwy 22. The wind on the way back was tough, but at least it was flat.
Back in Bragg Creek we had a great lunch and listened to all the cyclists who were also battered and exhausted from fighting the wind. I'm sure they had fun flying home though.

We were pretty tired and caught a nice afternoon nap and then went out for dinner. We stopped at Chapters to try and find a map of France and ran into Darin's dad and Natasha so we had a nice visit. We stopped at his parent's place to say a quick hello to his mom, Emma and Christi and then got some movies and came home to veg.

Training for the day: 3hrs biking- hills and wind!

Friday, March 23, 2007

The one that makes everyday a happy day...

Ready, Steady, Go

I feel like something has clicked in my training..
I had a great swim workout tonight, Darin and I did our usual Friday night long swim, but tonight I realized something- I am getting stronger and FASTER. My 100ms have always been 2mins. Today I timed myself and I was consistently doing 1:48 without too much effort. I timed a 50m set and was 9:36 compared to my typical 10mins.

I am not fast compared to a fast person, but my own times are getting faster and I feel the best I have ever felt in the water. 3km swim flies by, I am able to push myself and still feel like I have more to give at the end.

I talked with Syl today and she has set up my program for the next few weeks. She is going to do a swim evaluation, some muscle testing and is setting me up to build some more power in my little legs. I am ready. I will do whatever it takes.

I feel stronger, more fit and more committed than I have felt in a long time. I really feel like this is my year. I am ready to find out what I can really do...
Bring it on.

Can't wait to get on the road tomorrow for a long outdoor ride :-) Sunday plan is a trail run with Celine. When I am in the mountains biking or running, I am in my happy place... I love spring, I love weekends, I love life...

Training for the day: Swim 3k

The Last TCR Ride

Last night was our last Thursday night group computrainer ride at TCR Sportlab. These bike classes are the best time, money and energy that Darin and I invested all winter. We worked our butts off in these challenging and fun classes, sweating, grunting and getting stronger. We had a very strong group to ride with and we all pushed each other and cheered each other on. I know I have gained strength and power over the winter months as two weekends ago we got out for our first outdoor ride and we did 100km feeling great. I have been able to work with watts/ power for the first time and was able to use the continual feedback from the computrainer to keep myself from slacking off!
Last night we did the bike course from the Escape from Alcatrez Triathlon. What a course! It was tough- a 32.82km TT with some serious steep and long climbs. The fastest time was 57mins- Darin was just 5 seconds from breaking an hour. I was an hour and 12mins. No speed records for me, but I pushed myself. My legs are really tired today, I haven't had a rest day since last Monday. I am going to swim tonight but no run- even though it is tempting, the sun is shining and it is already +7 out there!
Tomorrow is going to be double digits so we are heading out on the bikes. I can't wait. It is sooo much more enjoyable to be outdoors. Riding indoors is like money in the bank, but not much immediate gratification. Being outdoors there is the reward of the fresh air, the scenery, and just moving forward! Tomorrow we are going to drive out to Bragg Creek and ride up and over the closed Powderface road on Hwy 66. We will proabably head towards Millarville as well to get over 100km.
Looking forward to the weekend, it has been a busy and productive week at work so I am looking forward to some fun and fresh air!

Training for Thursday, March 22nd: Bike 1hr45 computrainer ride.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why I Run

Reverence, Freedom, Independence, Spirit, Connection
Moving Energy transports me to a place where I flow freely with the wind
Unchained from the obligations that live indoors, this is my time, my favorite time,
the time that renews me, fills me up and reminds me who I am.

Training for the day: Run 53mins- tempo run 11km

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The first posting...

Well I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got a blog. It seems like a good way to get myself to write everyday and at the same time keep track of my training, my ideas, and my life journey in general.

Training for Ironman Canada- August 26th. Seems in one way a long way off, but I know how time flies, and before I know it I will be prepping for race day. I have been training consistently all winter, but have not had a set schedule for my workouts, and have been going more on feel. This is fine for the off season, but I will soon be starting with a coach, and will have a training plan to follow.

I have decided that this is my last Ironman distance event for a while. Darin and I have some other travel/ adventure plans and I would eventually like to have kids. So with 3 years of training under my belt I have decided that now is the time to see what I can really do. I decided to get a coach because I believe that she will assist me to push myself harder and further than I would do on my own. I know that my greatest limiter is my own mind and what I believe I can and cannot do. It is time for me to stop thinking I am a beginner and I suck. I know that neither of those apply anymore. It is time to really focus and find out what this body can actually do. I have the discipline, the support, and all the resources I need. Giddy up.

I have a fast new bike which is motivation in itself to get stronger and faster. I have to do the bike justice!

I also have the most motivated, enthusiastic, and eager training partner on the planet. He also happens to be the love of my life. Darin is always excited to train, to race, to do pretty much anything. The guy is more willing than anyone I have ever met. I can't help but be inspired by his positive attitude. He is also super fit, strong, and fast. While I will never catch him, chasing him will keep me pushing myself to do my best. He is also a hottie. That too, is motivation- and it is a nice improvement to any scenery.

So that is that. Away we go...

Training for the day: Swim 55mins 2.6km
Bike 60mins indoor trainer ride

Idea for the day: posting videos from youtube in the newsletter, on the website etc. filming our own "promotional" videos

Sending my love to my bro, my neices and Sarah. I miss and love you all.