Sunday, November 20, 2011

Returning to my Roots

It has been a year of change. Lots of change. Not all of it good, but necessary. Cumulatively, it has taken its toll. I am ready for a new year. A fresh start. I decided that I was ready for a change in my look, to go along with the new year. This hair makes me feel tougher, more rebellious somehow. I can use the added moxie.
This month Skyloft celebrates its 1 year anniversary. As I enter the 2nd year of business I have a completely different mindset than last year at this time. I have one less partner, a bigger debt load (thanks to buying out a bunk partner), and a bucket full of lessons learned. I would be lying if I said my confidence was at an all time high, but I am used to being challenged. I am gearing up to go another round, this time a bit jaded perhaps, but a lot wiser and thicker skinned.
This blog is being resigned, and I have launched a new one.
If anyone wants to be included on the reader list, post a comment.
Onwards and upwards....