Saturday, January 19, 2008

Big Bike!

After breakfast this morning we headed to the basement for what would be a long ride. We popped in the IM Kona 99 and got er going watching Lorie Bowden get her first victory. Alan joined us about an hour in and brought some good energy and company for the rest of the ride.He was out in the snow this morning for a 12km run prior to joining us, and is running 35km tomorrow in preparation for his 50km ultra next month and the big 100 miler in September. Once this crazy ultra stuff is out of his system he will be a natural in triathlon- he is already doing double workouts, and he has the crazy part down ;-)

I felt great for the first 2 hrs and was actually surprised at just how smoothly it was going. At the 2hr 30 mark things began to fall apart though, my legs were burning and I was having a hard time keeping my cadence over 95. I just pushed through and made it to the 3hr mark. It felt so good to stop...

After a shower and a great lunch at Primal Grounds with D and Alan, I felt totally refreshed. The weather in Calgary today is much more of what you would expect in January in Canada. Snow, wind and cooler temps. We decided to grab some movies and spend the rest of the day inside resting and recovering from our efforts.

Tomorrow will be an indoor run- any guesses as to the blog title??
Hopefully the legs aren't too tired, and the treadmill isn't too tedious. These long indoor workouts are as mentally tough as they are physically.
We are also gearing up for our 12 week to Boston Marathon training plan. We are both pumped and looking for PRs in this race. D of course is out to beat Lance ;-) I am just there to beat my previous best of 3:34. I would like to be under 3:30 and that should be very do-able barring injury or major race day issues.

training for the day: Bike 3hrs


Darin Hunter said...

I'll bet tomorrow's title will have something to do with "character building"?

Amber Dawn said...

hmmm nope. But if you read the titles of the last two blogs you'll get a pretty clear hint