Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You're almost there! Not.


I haven't blogged much lately. Mostly I am too lazy to write about running, after running all the time. If I could blog while running (just uploading my thoughts) that would be great! We've had some fun adventures lately with some stellar runs and even a race! Ever since the race I have been fighting a cold/flu though and today I had to succomb completely. Hence the STOP. And since I am on my ass on the couch anyway...

We got out to Grande Cache a couple weekends ago and were able to run most of leg one (we did an out and back). The hills and trail conditions were a reality check for me- no more road running! I need to run hills and trail. That is what is going to help me now! I have a great base, I just need to get more specific.
Here are some shots from Grande Cache:
So as I said, after the run in GC, I decided I needed to get off the roads and onto the trails...and I needed to find some hills to train on! I found some great terrain south of the city. Below is a shot of part of the trail- like mother nature's agility ladder!
Here are some more, the second one is a long sandy hill that is a great
This past Sunday we headed a couple of hours north to the Peace River Valley. We participated in the Unchaga Run in Peace near Grimshaw. It was a beautiful drive north, the countryside is amazing up there!
The bridge is the Dunvegan Valley Suspension Bridge. I stole this photo from the interweb since I forgot my camera.
Here is my Garmin info from the race. If you click more info you can see a profile of the run course, it really did redefine "hilly"...

And here is a shot of us at the finish line. I was happy to discover I could still push myself into that white hot instesity place. I finished in 1:34:58 officially. I was rewarded with a 5th overall placing, 1st female and set a course record. (it is a new race, only the 3rd year). D finished strong in 1:18- super impressive if you know just how long and steep that last hill was!!

Unfortunately I think the intensity was too much combined with the high mileage (I ran 30km the Friday before the race) and I am now paying for it. As much as I hate being sidelined, I am taking it as a deep recovery week to let things heal up and get stroger. I just hope I am 100% by the weekend so we can make the most of our weekend in the mountains!!

Happy Training everyone...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How do you know it is Spring in GP?
- The pathways are packed with runners, walkers, bikes and dogs
- Motorbikes everywhere
- Bootcampers flooding the park at 6am
- Beautiful sunrises on the way home from class
- 9pm and still daylight
- Emails flying about group rides, runs etc.
- A big SMILE on my face :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the weekend

It has been a while.
This was a big weekend for my run training. I did a 45km run in 4:20 and felt fantastic. The next day (today) I did 10km and it took more energy than yesterday's 45. That is the b@$ch that is running.
But I feel good that I am making progress.

More importantly, I have beautiful neices. Seriously, I have the cutest 3 neices on the planet. I thank God for the gift of these girls and for being a part of their lives.
Happy Easter!!
And of course my boys, the loves of my life!!