Thursday, July 12, 2007

The last post..for a while

Today was my last official day of work before holidays start...and I am one HAPPY camper :-D
The summer days are here and it was another smokin' hot one today. Had a great bike to and from work and it was a perfect night to go jump in a lake and swim. Had a fantastic swim, did a full perimeter loop and then went back out to the end of the lake an back. Took just under an hour and was about 3K.
Had a really good massage today as well and my body is feeling nearly back to 100%. By Sunday I will be good to go...and then embark on a week of tearing it apart again haha.

The tour starts Sunday with a 140km trip from Penticton to Armstrong. For a look at what we will be doing, including the elevation profile...check out the route here:

We have a couple days to rest up, fuel up and get hydrated. The forecast is for hot hot hot so we are going to have to drink up and slather on the spf.

I will be off the grid as of tomorrow evening, so no posts until the 22nd or 23rd...unless I end up in an internet cafe somewhere. Hopefully we will return stronger, faster, tougher and browner (hopefully not like beef jerky though).

Training for the day: Bike 60mins
Swim 58mins

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