Monday, July 16, 2007

Day One: Penticton to Armstrong

To sum up day one: Hot, hills and hot...
We were up at 6am and met the group of 130 other riders to roll out on the highway.
We had a great route on some beautiful roads that kept us off some of the busiest sections of highway. But we paid for it ;-) it was a never ending series of steep ups followed by short downs that were bitter sweet- cause while they offered some relief from the intense heat, they were followed immediately by another steep climb.
Day one took a lot out of everyone- the heat combined with the terrain had many people in the sag wagon and even more wondering what they had signed up for.
It was 34 degrees by the time I rolled into Armstrong. Darin was in ahead of me and had camp almost all set up :-) We tried to find a relief from the heat, but there was none to be found. Even the shade was hot.
Thankfully it cooled off enough over night for us to get to sleep. Either that or we were so wiped out it didn't matter.

Training for the day: Bike 145km 5:45

Getting ready to go

Pit stop outside Westbank for a very refreshing and much needed relief from the heat!

Our home for the night- setting up camp in Armstrong

Why didn't we get the tent with A/C???

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