Friday, July 20, 2007

Day Six: Grand Forks to Osoyoos

Day Six- as you can tell by our pre-ride picture, we are starting to look a little tired. But we were up and eager to tackle the day ahead- more climbing, more beautiful scenery!
Today was a cool start, but a hot finish, we crossed over two big summits and seemed to cross a climate line between the Kootenays and the Okanogen. Today, the descents were fun, especially the long winding road into Osoyoos.

Had a decent run off the bike and then D and I walked up to an amazing resort restaurant on the hill above our campground. We had a fantastic lunch and then a little nap in the tent until dinner. Life is GOOD.
The group was in a celebratory mood tonight. The tour is all but done, with day 7 being a leisurely 67km ride with winery stops along the way. D and I decided we would take the alternative route home, which will take us over Richtor Pass, the rollers, through Keremeos and up Yellow lake before arriving in Penticton. It will be a good test for IM, as we'll be on tired legs.

Bike 128KM 5:10 (2 big climbs, 1575m total)
Run 20mins off the bike (felt good after 10mins)

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