Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Running Again

Well sort of, more like jogging really. But at least I got out for an hour and other than stopping to stretch out the hammy's a couple times it wasn't too bad.
Followed the advice of Clinton and spent some time with my legs up on the wall, slathered in Tiger Balm. It actually helped and I think it is something I need to do daily- especially in the upcoming week.
The other thing I have to get on top of is recovery nutrition. One thing that I did not do right on Sunday was I didn't eat anything for a good 3hrs after the race. My tummy was not happy so I didn't feel like eating- but based on results it definitely had a negative impact on my recovery.
This is going to be especially important this week, biking big mileage every day. So I am on it.
Spent the evening putting on my new tires, cleaning up my bike and getting it ready to roll.
I remember when I used to think how ridiculous people were who spent hours tinkering with their cars. Well they still are ridiculous, but spending hours tinkering with a bike is not at all.

Training for the Day: Run 60mins

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