Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Friday

Another beautiful, sunny day in Calgary! I love summer...
Had a great ride to and from work with a couple intervals at the end just to blow off some energy.
D and I then headed to the Talisman for a swim. We decided to hit the 50m for a change of scenery, since our pool closes early in the summer.
Had a great swim, despite the fact that tehre were only 4 lanes open in the entire facility and we had to navigate our way around about a dozen swimmers and waders..I guess it is good IM practice ;-)
D had some tummy trouble tonight so we came home and took it pretty easy. We were actually treated to the St Croix 70.3 race on TV! It is a race we decided we definitely want to do someday.

Training for the Day: Bike 55mins
Swim 3000m 1hr02

(9km total swim for the week!!)

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