Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day Two: Armstrong to Revelstoke

Day Two started with a lot of worried faces at breakfast. Lucky for everyone we had a much easier day ahead.
D and I had a fantastic ride. We decided to ride together and I sat on his wheel while we FLEW down the road! We passed everyone out there that had left earlier than us and I was having a blast! We had people tell us we looked like we were riding a tandem. I loved the feeling of cruising at those speeds and I feel like I have learned a new pace for myself. What I realize is that I have not been riding as fast as I am capable of.
It was a pretty fast day and we were in Revelstoke before the day had time to heat up too much. Unfortunately we were also there before the luggage truck and ended up sitting and waiting for more than 2 hrs to get out of our cycling clothes!
We had a little swim in the rec center where we also had our showers and meals. The pool was only open for about 10 mins after we got in though, so it was a very short dip.
Our campsite was on the Columbia river in a city park. The view was stunning, and the water was so cold that it was a great recovery ice bath for our legs.

A full cheeked little friend that came to visit...

Bed time and wake up views from the tent
Bike 136km 4:32
Swim 10mins 500m
(we had just enough time to get in and warm up and they shut the pool down for swim club)

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