Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day Seven: Osoyoos to Pentiction via Keremeos

We were up early and hit the lake for a morning swim. It was a calm and warm morning, and a great way to start the day. After 6 days of tough riding, I was expecting a rough ride today. Surprisingly, my body was up for the challenge and I ended up having a stellar ride, pushing the entire way and flying over the hills like they were nothing. Even Yellow lake was a cinch after the huge climbs we have been doing. Now I just have to hold onto this until August 26th!
D had a his first tough day of the tour and was not his normal speedy self. He was only 10mins ahead of me which made me feel fast :-D even though I know it is not a fair comparison.
We finished up in Penticton and went to the hotel where we promptly jumped into the pool. It was a scorcher of a day- and a great practice session for IMC.
We celebrated with beer and dinner at Earl's and then hit the hotel where we put our feet up for some much deserved RnR.
We agreed that this was a perfect trip- 7 days where we got to ride in beautiful country, having our meals prepared for us, and being completely off the grid. We had a really great time being together on this trip and enjoyed every bit of our holiday. Tomorrow we drive back, but in less than a month we will return to BC, so we are not so sad.

Swim in am 35mins open water
Bike 95Km 3:28 (back half of IMC route)

858KM total for 7 days!!

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