Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Swim

My legs feel so trashed today... I have no idea why as I have not felt this kind of DOMS in as long as I can remember- and I certainly have done tougher workouts than the ones this weekend. Ah well. The cool water at the Talisman was a welcome relief (usually I curse it) and I felt instantly better once I was in the water.
Did a great workout in the 50m pool which was a nice change:
6x150 (50 free/50 fist/50 dps) 20" btw,
6x200 desc 1-5 6th easy 1' btw each,
300 easy kick,
cd 200
3000m total

I was at work late today and didn't get home from my swim until almost 9pm. Made for a short night at home :-(
I am taking it easy tomorrow, I have a run on the books but I am going to do an easy spin instead- these legs need to recover before the weekend!
I am counting down the days till holidays....4 more sleeps till we leave!!!

Training for the day: Swim 3K 1hr12

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