Monday, July 2, 2007

Long Ridin' Long Weekend

Happy Canada Day! What a fantastic long weekend we had. Lots of time together, outside, in the mountains and on our is good!

Friday we did our swim and then went to a movie. We saw Sicko- the new Michael Moore film. It was a really great movie and very eye opening. It made us grateful to live in a country with universal health coverage. We may have our issues in the health care system, but at least we know that if we need care we can get it, and it is not dependent on our bank balance or a decision made by an insurance company whose first loyalty is to their share holders.

Saturday morning we were up early to get on the road. We had planned to ride around 200km so we geared up and headed out. It was a beautiful day. A headwind on the way out to Bragg Creek had us both questioning our plan, but we had a snack and a rest and carried on to do the ride up powderface and to the end of highway 66. We had a headwind again and some tough climbing, but the return trip to Bragg was sure fun!

We had another break and some lunch and headed towards Millarville. We did a loop out and then back. Once again the way out was tough and the way back was much quicker. Then it was one last water and bathroom break in Bragg and on the road home. That was one fast ride home with a tail wind the whole way. I arrived home with a total ride time of 7hrs33mins for 191km. Darin did 210km in 7hrs! A great day for both of us. My legs actually felt really good- the only pain I had was in my neck.By the time I was home D was showered and had dinner started. By the time I was out of the shower a full on meal was on the did I get so lucky?!We rented a great movie "Pride" and had a chill night at home.

The next morning we were a little less perky and took our time in the morning. Had a nice breakfast at home and then headed out to Banff- D had a great idea to do a ride from there. We parked at the bus station and headed towards Lake Louise on highway 1A the Bow Valley Parkway. This route is incredibly beautiful, like riding through a postcard! My legs were a little sluggish, and we had another headwind and lots of hills to contend with, but the beauty of the surroundings helped to ease the pain! We got to Baker Creek which is a true oasis in the middle of what seems like nowhere. We had a fantastic lunch on the patio surrounded by mountains, trees and the quiet of nature.

The ride back was smokin fast and D was surprised to see me roll in a few minutes after he did. It was 91km total and just over 3hrs.

We changed and went into town to check out the Canada Day celebrations. We had some yummy treats and hung out in the park for a while looking at the river and watching the festivities. What an amazing way to celebrate Canada- surrounded by the beauty of the rocky mountains in the company of my favorite person :-)

This morning we headed out for a run, and I was expecting my legs to protest. Surprisingly I felt great. D and I ran together to Glenmore park and then he split right and I went left. He was running the resevoire and I was boycotting hills so headed towards Stanley park to do that loop. I felt fantastic and was able to push harder and go further than I had planned. I did 100mins and was feeling no reason to stop.
Had a relaxing day and then had dinner with Shawn who was fresh out of PB2 and it was great to see him radiating with good energy and confidence.

I feel really happy with the big volume weekend and most impressed with how great I feel. My legs feel great and I am ready to go for tomorrow. All this training is obviously paying off in terms of recovery. Hopefully that will get me through the week of biking that is quickly approaching!

Training for the weekend: Friday- Swim 3000m 1hr
Saturday- Bike 191km 7hrs 33mins
Sunday- Bike 91km 3hrs 9mins
Monday- Run 1hr40mins

Final Pick of the Kids, enjoying the mountain view :-)

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