Sunday, July 29, 2007

The difference a day makes..

Good reminder today, that every day is an opportunity for a new experience, regardless of the previous day's circumstances.
Today we were up early and completed our respective chores. D was a madman in the yard, weeding, mowing, and trimming to perfection. I was in the house cleaning, scrubbing and mopping to make the inside as nice as the outside.
Then it was off for a run in the heat. We headed out at 10am and the air temp was warm but tolerable. I was prepared for a suffer fest after yesterday, but was pleasantly surprised to feel fantastic on the run. I did the res loop 10mins faster than my usual time and added on another loop to make up time. I was thinking to myself- the last thing I want to do is run down the hill to Sandy beach, cause that means climbing back up it in the heat. So in the Ironman spirit that is what I did.
Mentally, I know I am going to be challenged and have times during the day when I don't want to keep pushing and will want to back off or take it easy. I know that will not get me to my goal, so I know I need to suck it up and keep pushing.
The next few weeks are as much about mental training as they are physical. I know I will be challenged...Giddy up. ;-)

Training for the day: Run 2hrs

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