Saturday, July 28, 2007


Warning: this blog contains information that may be deemed as too much. If you have a problem with that, don't read it :-)
Well it was a tough day to be in this body. In all fairness, my body has right to be tired. After my biggest training week ever, dealing with a severe infection and then starting my period, I should not have been surprised to feel like crap today.
After a change in plans from our planned trail race, and a much needed morning nap, we headed out for a ride in the heat.
We rode lower springbank/springbank to hwy 22 and on to Cochrane. I had to practically stop my bike to get my HR under 150 so it dialed it back and just decided it was an easy spin day.
We had a rest in Cochrane before carrying on up the hill and to Bow Cycle where I picked out my new birthday present helmet...that just happens to match my bike perfectly :-)
Then it was up Sarcee and home to a cold shower.
I learned a few important lessons today
1) Breakfast at 6 and riding at 11 doesn't work.
2) 700 calories is not enough for lounging on the couch never mind riding 3.5hrs
3) I am going to need to drink ALOT at IM if it is this hot. ( I went through 4 bottles)
4) Even when I am tired I still kick ass on hills :-)

So tomorrow we will do our long easy run and hopefully this recovery week will lead to a strong, recovered body going into next week. Another 2 big training weeks before we taper...and then we get to have some fun and put all this work to good use!

Training for the day: Bike 90km 3.5hrs

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