Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Super Swim

Great training day today, did a solid technique swim followed by a steady pace run.

Warm up 300 easy

Main Set 2x300(100 catch up/100 swim/100 sighting every 5 strokes) 15" Rest
8x(100 swim/100 kick on side/100 pull) 30"
10x25 fast 30" Rest
Cool Down 250 easy

Total 4000m

I have to say, 800m of kick drill is about 750m too much for me...ugh.
Overall felt great on the swim, then jumped out and headed to the treadmill. I wanted to dial in a pace and just hold it. Ran 45mins on the treadmill and then grabbed my bag and jogged 15mins home.

Feeling better after only 2 days of antibiotics, took yesterday as a rest day and I seem to be almost back to myself energy wise.

Training for the day: Swim 1hr 36 (4K)
Run 1hr

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