Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scaled back Saturday

Well rather than a usual long ride today, I did a good 40min stretch and an easy hour spin on the bike. I am trying to listen to my body but it is hard when my mind wants to go! Darin did a good 2hr push on the bike.
I will trust myself and my coach that I am doing what I need to, to train smart. I know going hard in every workout is unrealistic and it is only April...

So the rest of the day we had to ourselves! We both had flat tires to deal with AGAIN (life in a construction zone) so Darin got his tire changing workout (he is becoming a pro) and we went for a nice lunch at the bean and then to Bow Cycle to browse. We are both looking at mountain bikes- something entry level- that we can cruise around the pathways on, take out to the trails and use for commuting. Riding a $6000 racing bike on the pathways just feels wrong...

Training for the day: Stretch 40mins, core, Bike 1hr

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