Sunday, April 29, 2007

Police 1/2 Marathon

Had a great run today, the weather turned out perfect and we had a good day.
Ran with Celine, who kept me moving, making sure we passed as many girls as we could. Stuck together until the last couple k's when Celine took off to ensure the girl in the blue touque did not beat her. She tried to motivate a last push out of me by ensuring me she was in my age group and I needed to beat her, but alas, my last push was not enough. Celine was successful and finished in 1hr 42 while I crossed just under a minute later in 1hr 43.
I was happy, it was a good training run and my goal was 1hr45 so this was a bonus and a PR for a half for me.
Feeling pretty good post race, considering my ave HR was 169! Yeesh. It really didn;t feel that intense but my max was 190- the monster hill at the end no doubt spiked me there.
All in all a great day. Darin pulled off a 1hr24:55 despite a porta potty visit at the 10km mark.

Training for the day: Race Running 1hr43

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