Friday, April 27, 2007

Life is GOOD

So today I took the day off work to ride my bike. Life is GOOD.
What a day! Met Chris, Jill, and Jill's friends Tonia and Cheryl at the Petro Can on Hwy 1 and carpooled to K Country.

We started out from the Barrier Lake info centre at about 1030 and were immediately greeted with a ferocious head wind....wheeee! We rode uphill into the wind as far as we could on highwood pass. Got about 8km past the gate when the road disappeared in the snow.
The headwind, uphill grind was tough, but it was rewarding to have the ride home. My max speed was 71km and I was holding on for dear life at times with the wind gusts coming up off the mtns.
The scenery was spectacular though, and we saw some deer, and a huge bighorn sheep who seemed to be the greeter at the gate.

All in all a wicked good day on the bike. I am pooped but very happy and I feel like this was just the little get- away I needed to recharge my batteries.

Training for the day: 105km 4hrs 12min

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