Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Sweet Friday...

Well, the weather hasn't improved, it has gotten worse if that is possible!
But if anything it was a good day for a long swim.
We did our Friday night date at the pool, I had a fantastic swim- did 3.0km 500m (free w/u), 500m (25m fast, 25m easy), 500m (paddles and pullboy), 500m (50m fast, 50m easy), 500m (25m fist, 25m free), 500 free.

I talked with Syl today based on how my body/ energy are feeling I am pulling back a bit on the training for the weekend, to allow a good recovery. I would rather do this and be proactive, then end up sick and be forced to rest.

Darin and I have the whole weekend together- no studying for him..yay!
Looking forward to hanging out, taking it easy and doing some regular people stuff.

Training for the day: Swim 3.0km 1hr2min

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