Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I miss the sun...

So today my schedule had me doing a 90min trail run. How fun, my favorite kind of workout! When I looked out my window this afternoon I was sad to see wind, snowy sleety rain and dreary grey skies... not a great draw to go running.
For the rest of the day I formulated excuses as to why I should skip the run and do a bike or something indoors.
When I got home I bundled up and headed much for excuses. I headed out into the blowing sleet/snow and almost immediately I was unable to see due to the amount of water/slush that was accumulating on my glasses. When I took them off it was worse because the ice pellets flew directly into my eyes making me blind and in pain.
So a blind run it would be.

I ran to river park and did all the trails I could find. It was pretty wet and muddy to begin with but over the course of the run the trails up the river bank went from slippery to impassable. It got to the point where I literally could not get up the hill, with every step I took I slipped back 2 feet! So I called it a day and ran home. The good news is I managed 85mins and I actually had a lot of fun out there, I came home soaked to the bone, covered in mud, and trudging in shoes that weighed 20 pounds each with all the mud.

Chalk this one up to will training for getting out there and completing it.

When I got home I had a great reward of Darin (exams completed) cooking a delicious dinner and whole evening just to hang out together.

Training for the day: Trail run (mud bath) 85mins

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