Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The last couple days have been jam packed with last minute errands and visits to people that I won't have access to for a while. Like my dentist. I have always had a big dentist aversion and pretty much once I became an adult and had a choice I stopped going. Until I went from being an "adult" to a "grown up" and realized that actions have consequences, and that unless I wanted to have dentures before I was 30 I needed to suck it up and see a dentist. Luckily I met a good friend who is a dentist and he has helped me get over my aversion. The last few years I have been a faithful regular, getting the necessary scraping, drilling and cleaning to keep my choppers healthy. Yesterday I had my last visit before leaving and asked Dr. Gene to please find anything that may be and issue in the forseeable future and and fix it now. In fact, could he just fill all of my teeth so I don't have to worry about it? No. Ok. But he did do 3 small surface fillings that would normally not need attention but could progress. This guy is so good he didn't even use anesthetic! I had a cleaning scheduled for later in the afternoon, so in the meantime I had an appointment for my jeep to get its fillings (rock chips fixed). I also got down to southcentre and had lunch with D, which is the first time I have visited him at his new/ soon to be old office.
Between sitting in the dentist chair, and sitting in my car, I was beat. Beat from sitting. I got home, had dinner with D an promptly fell asleep on the couch for an hour. I felt better when I woke up at least but still didn't get any packing done.

Tuesday was another busy running around day and I spent 3 hrs with my graphic designer/ genius friend Ang who helped me create my logo for my business. I am pumped, it looks great and I have been able to get some stuff off to the web designer to begin creating my site. I have limited time over the next few days, but once I get up to GP I will be able to roll right into work.

Today I officially have 24hrs to get everything packed. I have one appt with my accountant this morning and my last exam for CFP tonight, but in between (with the help of D) should be able to get everything done. But I'd best get off the computer.

Tuesday Training: Swim 3000m 1hr
Full body strength w/o: 30mins

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Hallsy said...

Hey Amber - I saw on your page that you got some taxes done - do you have someone here in Calgary? We are looking for someone around here to do ours ... Any suggestions?