Thursday, February 21, 2008

Solo Sufferfest

Tonight's TCR bike class was a doozy. D has been run down and not feeling well this week so he begrudgingly opted out of tonight's bike class. It is probably a good thing because it was a tough effort and he would have gone full out as he always does.

The workout tonight was a 3km w/u, followed by some one legged drills. And then the fun really began.... it was a 13km course of ups and downs, some ups as steep as 9%. It felt like a really hard effort, and I was having a hard time maintaining my watts. Could just be feeling the effects of a solid training week. After that hard push it was time to climb again...what? Aren't we done? Nope. Next up was a 5km course, the first km was flat and slightly down. The next 4km were a gradual grinding climb. Good times.
Hopefully the rest is all D needs to get back to 100%. We have a super busy week coming up! And training without him is not nearly as fun ;-) Pain shared is so much more satisfying....

I am spent and ready for some sleep.

TFTD: Bike 80mins


Darin Hunter said...

Good work babe! I love the new looking blog.

Hallsy said...

Hey Amber - thanks for all the invites to the Basement Bike Fests. I have conditioning swim in the morning so I'm going to opt out. But I truly appreciate the efforts you have made to try and get me on my bike ...

I know that Junior and I have talked about getting together with you guys before you leave for your new life up north (it's north right?) But he's got a bit of a ridiculous schedule and now time is kind of running out - so ... hopefully we can set something up.

I hope if it's okay with you guys can I add you to my favourites list - seen as though I've been cyberstalking you guys for like - um - a long time ... and it motivates me to see how you are doing and kicking some serious a$$ this year. I think it's so great!

So after a bit of a long winded comment - I just wanted to wish you guys the best. Hopefully we can do something before you head out.

PS: Blog looks good - new colour - I got sick of pink too :)

Jenna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am happy that you find my "version" of my adventures entertaining ... I fugure if I can;t be fast (like you - holy shite!!) then I might as well be funny!! I hope you don't mind but I added you to my blog roll ... I have a feeling reading your posts will keep me motivated.