Friday, February 15, 2008

Swim for your sushi

So today was my last day of work for PB. I won't get too emotional about it here, but it is a significant day for me. My involvement in this organization has been the single most important reason behind the success I have become over the past 8 years. The people I have met, support I have received, love I have shared and mentoring I have experienced have made my time there the most valuable investment of my life. I appreciate everyone I have worked with, learned with and from, coached, been coached by, laughed and cried with, more than words can express. I especially have Jay and Cory to thank for their belief in me from the beginning of time. For being able to see in me what I wasn't able to see myself, and for giving me the opportunities and resources to grow into my potential.

Tonight we did a great swim (thanks to D for dragging me to the pool) and then went to Globefish Sushi where we feasted like royalty on the most deluxe and delectable sushi dishes in town. Thanks for the GC PB!! We had an awesome dinner with wine and all the best sushi. It was a great belated valentines and celebration of the end of one chapter in our lives.

My swim was great, I did 2X 1000 and both sets were under 18:45 and moderately paced. Then 300m easy cool down.

TFTD: Swim 2300m 42mins

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