Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello SUN!!

Ahhh, it is soooo beautiful out there! I just returned from a glorious run in the sun. I love spring. The sun is out in all her glory, everything is melting and I saw the first hints of buds on some of the trees!
What a treat, being able to get out at lunch for a run...I love being unemployed! But I must get my face back in the books, I have my certification exam tonight and I am hoping to ace it.

TFTD: Run 71mins 13.2km

Update....I passed part one of the exam- YAY


Julie said...

Hi Amber! I love your blog too --I admit, I've been a bit of a "lurker"!! But I enjoy reading about all your hard work -- it really inspires me. Good luck with your big move to GP -- make sure you keep blogging. Now that you broke the blog "ice" I don't have to lurk anymore! :) :) :) Is it OK if I put your blog link on my page? I went ahead and listed other people's sites (without asking! eep!), but in retrospect, it might not have been proper blog etiquette. LOL Good luck on your exam!

Keith said...

Great blog! Just found you and have been enjoying. I saw you finish the Hypo half in Calgary, though I didn't know you, of course. I was waiting for my friends Lori and Sean.

Certified in what?