Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Review

This was our last weekend in Calgary, we had a great race, some fun training with a good friend, and I was able to get my CPR re-certified before moving to a world where everything is a bit less readily available..

Friday I was feeling rough after 2 sleepless nights. I literally tossed and turned all night Wednesday and Thursday I was fully awake until almost 6am. I have no idea why...could be the stress of moving, even though I don't feel stressed. Regardless, by Friday I was a walking zombie, and decided that training would do more harm than good, so it became a rest day.

Saturday was our last cross country race. I had yet another restless night and woke up still feeling tired, but there was no way I was missing my 6th race (need to run 6 to be in the series competition) so I put my tough girl face on and off we went.
I felt pretty blech and was thinking I would just take it easy, but once the race started my body seemed to take over. I started off a bit slow, and was not as near to the front as usual. As I picked up the pace I began passing people and was continuing to push the pace. I passed about 10 people and bridged the gap up to another group where I just wanted to hang on. I eventually caught up to Alan and was determined to finish right behind him (since he made the comment about looking over his shoulder for me). I had some guy breathing down my neck for the last 2 kms but I kept pushing so that he couldn't get between Alan and I.
I finished well, just under 32mins and 3rd woman behind two very strong female runners. I managed 2nd in my age group which means I will probably get 2nd place in the series. I am stoked to get my very own winner's mug haha!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early (8am is early on a Sunday) for our spin. I finally had a good night's sleep THANK GOD, and felt better, but still not 100%. Alan came over to join us for our last Sunday basement spin,and brought the 2004 TDF for our entertainment. He also took a video of the mind numbing excitement and posted it to people don't think we are weird enough, wait until they see how we spend our Sunday mornings haha.

I was feeling pretty rough for the first 45mins of the ride, but things started to come around for the second half. I only rode 90mins, I know my body is not 100% and I am going to need to be firing on all cylinders this week with packing and moving.

After a great lunch with Alan and D I jetted up North to do my CPR recert. After 15years of taking/ teaching CPR, it is a bit repetitive, but the instructor was great, and Clinton and Allyson were both also in the class which made things more fun.

I now just have my practical exam to do on Wed and all my requirements will be met for my Can Fit Pro Certification.
Things are coming together with my business planning and I am really looking forward to getting up there and getting to work!

Tonight we spent the evening hanging out with D's parents, the girls and baby Jake. He is growing so much and I had him giggling like a tickle me elmo doll. We played until he was tired and he took a nap in my arms. I soaked up every minute, I know that the next time we see him he will be walking!

I am sad for all we are leaving behind in Calgary, but also excited to what we are moving towards. We have a new home, new careers, and all kinds of new adventures to be had. I am also excited for the time I will have with my nieces and my brother and sister in law.

I am just happy that this week will be busy, and hopefully I can put off the breakdown/meltdown bawl fest until I am alone in my car driving north...

TFTW: Saturday X-C Race (7km) 31:59
Sunday: Bike 90mins


Jenna said...

i do not know where you are headed but GOOD LUCK!!! And congrats on pushing through the icky feelings and finishing strong!!

Julie said...

If you win that mug, you simply must post a pic of it!! It is good that you are listening to your body and not pushing things until you are 100%. This is a lesson I have had to relearn many times. And don't worry about bawling your head off...let the tears flow!!! :) :)