Thursday, February 14, 2008

TCR Time Trial...Progress is good!

I had a great afternoon with Nicole today. We hung out at my place, made home made valentines day cards, chatted and drank coffee. As is the theme this week, I am really conscious of how precious my time with my friends is. With 2 weeks left in Calgary, the reality is beginning to set in and I am becoming more sentimental each day ;-)

Tonight we had a romantic Valentines Day spin with the TCR crew. It was a fantastically perfect v-day with D and I having great rides in the time trial. I was stoked to take 41 seconds off my last time and average 181 watts for the 10km effort- up from 168watts in October. I guess I am doing something right!

Only 2 more TCR bike classes to go. I can't say enough good things about what this class has done for both of us. We have been fortunate to be a part of a very fast and competitive group that has pushed us to be stronger, faster and fitter than we would have on our own. We are really going to miss these classes and the people we train with. See what I mean about the sentimentality??

Tomorrow is my last day of work for Personal Best, after being a part of the organization for almost 8 years. Don't even get me started...

TFTD: Bike 85mins

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