Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hurtin Humpday...

Today I just needed to get outside for a run. All of the indoor running has been good, but I miss the fresh air, the scenery and the connection with life I feel when I run outside.
The temp was more reasonable today, and on the first half of my run I was warm and comfortable. I also felt a not so subtle push from behind and I knew once I turned around I was going to pay. And I did. The wind was strong, cold and biting. On top of that the stitch I have been fighting with all week returned full force. I decided to dial back the pace and just get home in one piece.
I was a bit frustrated as I have a race coming up Sunday and I wanted to feel a bit of confidence in my ability to push the pace.

Instead I will have to trust and just go with the flow I suppose. Tonight I had a massage with the pain meister and he worked me over something good... I felt like I'd been hit by a truck afterwards, but after a litre of water and some rest my body started to come around and I know it will be better for it.
He worked on my obliques/ hipflexors which were really gummed up and probably the source of the stitch issues. I hope it is cured and I don't have to add that to the mix for the race.

Training for the day: Run 52mins 9.5km

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