Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paying for Party Time

Saturday morning we did our usual basement sweat fest, 2 hr edition. The first 90mins were fine, the last 30 were a sufferfest. But we made it through and earned our binge on party foods later in the evening.
Nicole was very generous to offer her home to host a little buh bye gathering last night. We got a chance to visit with some of our favorite people and a we really had a blast. We even made it until often does that happen!?

I had a few drinks, which I didn't really feel until this morning when I woke up really tired and lethargic. D and I managed to procrastinate our run long right into tomorrow. It was a gloriously lazy day lounging and catching up on rest with my baby. My weekly training total will look a bit off, but in the big picture I don't care.

TFTH Saturday: Bike 2hrs

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