Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Climb for Tired Legs

Tonight was TCR bike class night, and I was a little worried. I am feeling pretty tired this week and am definitely fighting something. I have been drinking vitamin C like crazy, and trying to catch a bit of extra sleep to combat whatever this is. With a race coming up this weekend, the last thing I need is a cold.
So tonight I really wanted to ride, because we only have a few classes left, but I didn't want to put myself over the edge and wake up tomorrow sick.
I was able to do the class, with a good effort and not kill myself. Fortunately it was a shorter class, just the 5.4km warmup followed by a 17km climb. I managed to do it in 36mins and was a bit disappointed with how low my ave watts were- 164. But I did keep my cadence up the entire climb which was not easy on the steeper pitches.

Tomorrow I am taking a full rest day, and hopefully by Sunday will be back to 100%.

TFTD: Bike 70mins

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