Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday D!!!!

D turned 35 today, and if you are an athlete you know what that means....a new age group!! Ha. It is still an uber competitive AG for him, but gauging on his recent results he is going to blow those old men out of the field. It is nice to be at the young end of the age group spectrum :-)

Up for today was a swim and bike. We did a nice lunch at Inspiring Grounds and bumped into Jill and Katie. It was good to see them before we go. We then headed over to the pool for a dip. I felt good and did an easy 2500m in 50mins. D was not feeling up to par today so he called it a day a bit earlier.

We both rode at home for an hour. I did a pyramid set of increasing gears every 5 mins up to 30mins and then decreasing. It was a great workout for me.
D probably should have listened to his body and taken the day off, but he rode hard and later in the night said he felt like he was coming down with something. Hopefully all the vitamin C I am feeding him will help him fight it off.

TOnight we went for a yummy bday dinner at Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant in Kensington. I love LOVE that place and we got our fill of spicy lentils! Then it was off to the Xavier Rudd concert. I totally lucked out a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon the ad for this. D is a fan and after the concert I am too!
The guy is freakin amazing! He is an Aussie and is incredibly talented. He playes 3 digeredoos, a guitar, bongos, drums and assorted other percussion instruments...all at once. Oh yeah, and he sings. His music is fantastic and he has a really passionate social message as well. I forgot my camera at home...bummer cause there were some cool photo ops.

We had a blast. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. All in all a fantastic day. Happy birthday babe, I am so grateful to share your life with you. I look forward to many more birthdays with you!

TFTD: Swim 2500m 50min
Bike 60min

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