Monday, March 3, 2008 life

It has been a week...
Training- wise the weekend was a complete write off..unless you count hours of moving, unpacking, cleaning, assembling and shopping as training. We were both exhausted and have both been fighting something so time "off" was probably for the best.

We are almost settled up here. We have a beautiful home. Unbelievable really. We danced in our ginormous dining room our first night here (after the celebratory wine of course), both of us still marvelling at the idea this this is OUR home. And this town isn't too bad. It is not what you would call a destination city, but people come here generally with one purpose- make money. So it is more of a transitory city. There is every store and service you could need (other than a tri specific shop, but there is a HUGE sporting goods store) and so far the biggest difference other than the environment, is that people here are nicer than they are in Calgary. Really, I forgot what it was like to be in a smaller centre- people say hi and random strangers strike up conversations in the grocery store. The other big difference is in the age of people who work in the service and retail industries. We were out shopping on the weekend and it was like being in kid nation. The sales clerks were all prepubescent I swear. By the end of the day I just wanted to talk to a grown up...please?

Speaking of kids, the two kids I am happy to be seeing more of are my nieces. Tomorrow morning I am babysitting them, should be fun :-)

It has been a lot of work, but life is starting to return to something that resembles normal (except completely different :-) )
Normal is a bike ride tonight and a home cooked meal. Not so normal is sitting in said ginormous dining room at our itty bitty kitchen table with no window coverings in the dining or living rooms. And no TV or radio. We are both feeling a bit cut off from the world- but getting the internet connected today has helped.

Tonight D is building my huge desk and tomorrow the couch should arrive. Hopefully all of the boxes will be unpacked by this time tomorrow night.

TFTD: Bike 60mins

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