Friday, May 30, 2008

Heading into God's Country

Today after meeting a client in the am and packing up the car, I headed southwest into the beautiful surroundings of the mountains. The drive from GP to Hinton was nothing short of spectacular. I almost forgot how much I love being surrounded by the majesty of the mountains. I was also treated to some wildlife sightings- a pair of bears- a black one and a brown one, numerous deer and a moose- unfortunately he was dead.
Grande Cache is gorgeous and I look forward to coming back and doing some riding and trail running around there.
I was snapping pics through the windshield while I could, but it was raining in spots and I was unable to pass some of the logging trucks so it was a bit too sketchy to catch some of the kodak moments.
As I was coming into Hinton I spotted a cyclist that looked really familiar...sure enough it was D out for a ride. After saying a quick hello, I headed into town and checked into our BnB. We had a great place to call home for a few days! 
D arrived shortly after and we cleaned up and headed out for dinner. After some pizza and beer (pre race food haha) it was an early bedtime to get ready for a ride in Jasper.

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