Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Weekends Rock

Yesterday we decided to go "off road" for a run. We ventured out to the Wapiti nordic centre as that is where we heard the trails are. It is very beautiful here- not what you would expect from a place called Grande Prairie. It is close enough to the mountains that there are some good sized undulations and we are in the heart of the boreal forest which reminds me a lot of north/central SK where I grew up. Simply put, it is beautiful.
The trails we followed were groomed and wide. Certainly not trail trash material, but we were so happy to off the concrete and in the trees it didn't matter. I did 3 loops of the up and down trails and ran 
about 90mins total. I didn't start my watch so I really don't know and D was having tummy troubles so he pulled the plug about a 1/2 hr into it.

The sun shining through the trees and the smell of moss and pine filled my nose. The only sounds were birds chirping and the odd chipmunk scurrying through the 
underbrush. I completely felt like I belonged there, and the 90 min run went by in a heartbeat. Days like today are when I am most grateful that I became a runner.
Today I met with my client in the am, and then we geared up for a ride. We were waffling about where to go and how long to ride- both of us feeling a bit humbled by Saturday's sufferfest but also wanting to take full advantage of a holiday Monday. We decided on a tried and true 90km loop from our house that has a rest stop for refilling. D needed a recovery ride, and I really wanted to do a race pace ride, so we teamed up and both had successful training days. It was so fun to ride with D, and to feel some good speed without red lining. D was actually yawning, it was so slow for, but it is just what he needed too.
We did the 93km in just over 3hrs, averaging 29.3km/hr. I felt fantastic start to finish and was finally ready to do a T run with a full tank. I did the 5km loop around the lake in 25mins.
All in all a stellar May long weekend 'training camp' and we didn't have any travel time, hotel bills or fuel costs :-)
I am recharged for what will  be a full capacity week. Three classes going this week plus personal training...and my own training. I have to pinch myself sometimes to know that this is for real. My dream life is my real cool is that?
Sunday TFTD: Trail Run 90mins
Monday TFTD: Bike 3hrs 10mins 93km
T-Run 25mins 5km

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