Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Friday!

It was a great day, I spent the morning with the girls got all my housewife work done in the afternoon and then went for an awesome ride with D when he got home. The wind was out (nothing new) but it was blowing from the West, which is opposite to the norm. So we had a headwind to start and it was a pretty brutal grind for the first 25km. The reward came on the return trip when the wind was at our backs and I was able to hold 38km-42km/hr. Sooo fun. Nothing is better than human powered speed. The weather was beautiful today too, first time I've been able to ride in shorts and a jersey. I am so pasty white, I need some sun on my skin.
Tomorrow am we are off to Edmonton for the UofA sprint. I am looking forward to giving a full out effort and seeing what happens.

TFTD: Bike 1hr41mins 50km

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IronHallsy said...

Hey AD - Best of Luck at the UofA Tri this weekend. Have fun and kick some a$$. We are heading into a big weekend of training so we'll see how that goes - Iots to post. Have fun in Edmonton baby!