Thursday, May 29, 2008

A great swim..finally

Things finally clicked in the pool today. Did 2x1500m. With rest it was just under 60mins. I am feeling good about the race Sunday, interested to see what happens in the race environment.
Super busy day, clients, classes, lots to do...but I am so happy to be doing so well with this business :-) Have had my cuz Heidi here this week, she is moving to Dawson Creek and is here getting furniture, and moving some stuff up. The company has been great, with D away all week it was really nice to have someone to come home to, and Heidi is always good for some laughs. It will be great having her up here so I have someone to have girl nights with!
I am really looking forward to seeing D tomorrow in Hinton. I am super stoked for a weekend in the mountains! And looking forward to a race in a new place.
TFTD: Swim 3000m 59mins
EZ Run 60min

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IronHallsy said...

Hey AD - Congrats on the race last weekend! Are you guys doing WASA? Or Stoney? Maybe we'll see you there..